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Are you booked into an expo or market stall this year?

Expos or markets are a great way to get in front of a lot of people. That is awesome because people buy from people.Booking an expo stand

Not to mention you need eyeballs on your business!

In this months column I wanted to share with you my top tips I share with my clients.

Here are four tips for the stand at the expo:

  1. Add wallpaper to the walls (can staple it up) and/or carpet to make an impact and stand out.
  2. Make sure your competition or giveaway is something freaking cool…Like a session with you! But a giveaway that will create a raving fan base & a great review.
  3. Your expo stand needs to be disruptive. Showcase outside of your usual pretty and nice. That way people will want to stop. Expos are no good if you play it safe. Really blow up your brand.
  4. Pay more to get on the stage. This will be the biggest converter! If the expo or market has a MC, stage or guest speaker slots…Get in here.

An overlooked part of an expo or market is the follow up. We make a connection quickly during the event. One of the tricks is to follow them up afterwards and keep being seen.

How do you follow up after an expo?

  1. Send an email saying thanks for entering the competition or giveaway. But don’t announce the winner for a few days in a new email.
  2. Get them to have to visit your website. Make a special page with a link in your email that announces the winner on your website.
  3. Because they have gone to your website you can re-target them with a special Facebook advert. And hopefully they signed up to your newsletter.
  4. After you announce the winner you can then follow them up again with a new invitation to join your database.

Expos are hard work on the day, but the real work is keeping the relationships alive and going. Because I still now, after two years, have clients who remember meeting me at my expo stand.

If you are ready to take your biz to the next level, check out the ways you can work with me and maybe steal some of my expo stand ideas!



Natalie Tolhopf | Business Coach

About Natalie Tolhopf | Business Coach

After more than a decade in coaching (and a failed business venture), Natalie Tolhopf knows that success is all about mindset, focus and consistency. With a coaching philosophy that’s equal parts butt kick and handhold, Nat guides inspired businesswomen to take imperfect action to build your business in a way that’s right for you. She’ll teach you how to adopt a success mindset, and bust through procrastination and perfectionism to become the star of your own show.

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