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So you have spent months blogging, doing ‘LIVE’ videos and creating wicked posts…Now what?

OMG there is so much more you can do with all this delicious goodness that you have spewed out.

Firstly think about the news…I know I know stay with me. It is repeated at least 7 times a day right…But you are only doing one piece of content ONCE.

Did you just gasp?

I think you did 🙂

Before we kick off though what do I mean with intent?

It maybe that when you first posted your stuff it had no call to action, no real commitment behind it, perhaps you pushed publish when you were feeling a bit ho hum. Maybe it was thrown out there hoping it would stick.

So commit this time to have purpose and intent…Ok?…OK!

Let’s roll here are 5 ways to take a piece of your stuff aka posts, blogs, videos etc and re-purpose it like a pro!

Number 1

Create a freebie or opt-in. Find your latest 5 posts that answer the questions to your ideal clients issues and create a download. This download can be transformed into a lead magnet/freebie or opt-in to grow your database. This is exactly what I am doing with this one piece of content.

Number 2

Take that blog you wrote and choose 5 quotes from it. Turn these into memes and schedule them on your FB & Instagram pages. Make sure the link is there referencing the original blog. This way traffic goes back to your website (which is the ultimate path we want prospective clients to take). So that one blog you wrote and posted once, is now broadcasted differently for the week. Getting you more eyeballs on that sweet, sweet piece you loved writing.

Number 3

Videos and LIVES – Any video or FB live that you have done…You need to not bloody waste that amazingness sister. Get them uploaded onto a YouTube channel. Create a business YouTube channel and make it work for you. You can also get your videos subtitled via rev.com. And again you can get your favourite videos transcribed in to a blog, then memes….Ahh the list continues – can you SEE?!

Number 4

So back to that blog you wrote and the 5 memes…Yup you guessed it turn these ALL into a topic for a video or a live. Can you see that one blog a week can be your entire social media posting for the whole week…No need to helicopter brain think and get overloaded. It makes it even easier too if you theme the entire month then the weekly blogs just literally fall outta ya head!

Number 5

Take that blog, video or live and share that love everywhere. (not on the same day though as it shows up on the FB feed and you just hitting share and return….remember we want intentional posting!)
Share your blog on your FB page, Biz page, Linked In, Medium.com, Instagram, and an email to your database.

So let me ask you this question…have you been over complicating your social media and online marketing? Yes. Yes you have! And so HERE is the top 5 tips in a handy freaking dandy pdf print out! …I know, I know…Too amazing!

If you LOVE the idea of simplifying your business and YOU deciding how you want it all to grow. You know on your terms…build by design really… Then you will love watching this video: Check it out here.



Natalie Tolhopf | Business Coach

About Natalie Tolhopf | Business Coach

After more than a decade in coaching (and a failed business venture), Natalie Tolhopf knows that success is all about mindset, focus and consistency. With a coaching philosophy that’s equal parts butt kick and handhold, Nat guides inspired businesswomen to take imperfect action to build your business in a way that’s right for you. She’ll teach you how to adopt a success mindset, and bust through procrastination and perfectionism to become the star of your own show.

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