Sell with Confidence

You love what you do – and you’re damn good at it

But right now, this work-for-yourself thing just ain’t working out

You’re busy being busy – but all that busy ain’t bringing in the cash
You’ve tried picking up the phone and selling – but you can’t shake the feeling you’re annoying, harassing and chasing people for money
You’ve tried Facebook lives and Facebook ads but it feels so damn awkward – and slightly desperate
You know that something has to change if you’re gonna make your business fly.

Trouble is, you’re tired

Tired of all those late nights at your desk with little to show for it
Tired of that knot in your stomach when you have to pick up the phone and sell
Tired of watching all those online subscriptions and payment plans drain your bank account dry
Tired of endlessly scrolling the socials, watching other people make things happen online
Tired of feeling overwhelmed and intimidated by all those tactics and strategies that don’t seem to make a blind bit of difference

Maybe it’s just not going to happen for you
Maybe success is something that happens to other people
Maybe you should just give up and go get a J.O.B.

Babe! It’s time to smack those thoughts upside the head

I know you got sucked in by those social media highlight reels, saying all you had to do was put up a pretty website and you’d be raking in six figures and drinking pina coladas at the beach

But the truth is, building a business is damn hard work

You gotta show up, face your BS money stories and take consistent aligned action every damn day

And that’s why I created SELL WITH CONFIDENCE

It’s my signature coaching programme designed to kick your fear to the curb, supercharge your self-belief and embed the essential daily practices that will see you smash your business goals and finally get the success you deserve

Because Babe, deep down I know you’ve got what it takes. And together, we’re going to prove it.

Hey I’m Nat Tolhopf.

I’m a business coach on a mission to take you from feeling stuck, trapped and uninspired, to rocking your own business with confidence and ease.

I earned my business chops the hard way: by failure.

I launched my first hospitality business at the age of 23, full of pipe dreams and grand ideas I’d read in a book.

The trouble was, I lacked commitment, focus and a willingness to do the hard yards to build a business from the ground up. By the time I saw what was happening, the business was in the poo. We had to sell. It was awful.

So I swallowed my pride, got a job and spent more than a decade learning how to build a business the right way.

Failing in business was incredibly painful, but the lessons have paid off time and again.

I learned to swallow my ego, ditch my BS stories and take the consistent imperfect action that adds up to steady sales, great income and a thriving business.

I’ve since helped hundreds of Kiwi women do the same – and I can help you too

(BONUS: you get to avoid my spectacular crash and burn)

Learn to sell with confidence



It’s my signature coaching programme, built around the 4 Cs of business success:



You gotta stand up, be seen and get your name out there, knowing that you have an awesome offer and the world needs to hear about it



Taking imperfect action, getting visible and showing up day after day in a way that feels natural and easy for you


Cash flow

Doing the sales work every single day (and yes, you can do this without harassing people or chasing them down the street. I can show you how)



To face your fears, kick doubt to the curb, ditch those money stories and finally get out of your own damn way

Sell with Confidence


Know Your

When you get super clear on who you help and how to set yourself apart, you won’t bother scrolling or comparing anymore – you’ll be taking action

Find Your Fastest Path
To Cash

We’ll refine your products, services and price points to generate the sales you need to thrive

Access your

and bring more of YOU into your biz, so you can feel aligned, on purpose and on fire – then go and JFDI!

Get comfortable with
selling every single day

without feeling like a sleazy used car salesman.

Get consistent
& focused

With simple but effective strategies to become planned, focused and rock your next 90 days like a mofo. Get comfortable with selling every single day – without feeling like a sleazy used car salesman.

Automate your

with a simple sales funnel that captures, qualifies and converts YOUR ideal clients.

But Dude, that’s not all.

In Sell with Confidence, I open up my playbook
and share my personal methodologies
for generating freakin’ awesome income
– every freakin’ month

Inside Sell With Confidence, you will discover:

The 4 proven strategies I use to consistently generate $7 to $12k per month in my business
How to SELL OUT your programmes and workshops – FAST
My proven Facebook Ads and retargeting systems that ensure you appear everywhere your ideal clients are found

I was really not confident in selling my services. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was annoying, harassing and chasing people for sales. In lesson number 1 Natalie challenged this belief and reframed sales in a positive light. This reframing gave me more confidence right off the bat to have sales conversations that were positive and actually enjoyable!

Rebekah Holmes

Nat has given me my confidence in selling, when I speak to clients I can now feel comfortable speaking about what. I realised my services are needed to give my clients full transparency and I am doing an excellent service for them.

Suzanne Aubrey

The one on one session is really helpful, it’s like a summary of the course. I get to learn more about myself and what I need to do to upgrade myself.
I have more confidence and I have the “what have I got to lose” attitude now

Anika Hendrosoebono


Sell with Confidence is a 12-week business and mindset training programme with 12 months of wrap around coaching support


Say What?

Here’s what you’ll get when you Sell with Confidence:

12 training modules you can follow at your own pace, covering the 4 Cs – confidence, consistency, cash flow and commitment. Lessons are delivered by audio and video, with downloadable tools and templates you can use everyday in your business.
Accountability and support from me and your fellow entrepreneurs in the Facebook group. Having a team of peers to cheer you on, and a business expert to motivate you and keep you on track throughout your business journey is priceless
12 months’ coaching support to embed the principles, delivered inside a private Facebook group.  I actively coach every single member of the group, getting to know you and your business, sharing tips and templates, keeping you on track and accountable for smashing your goals.
A resource library – with my go-to templates
Lifetime access to all my trainings – so you can revisit modules, access my planning and sales workshops, or join updated trainings at any time
Weekly emails guiding you through the training modules over 12 weeks.

What do you mean by wrap around support?

My clients will tell you that when I’m your coach, I’m all in.

I’m in the Facebook group every week day, sharing tips, tasks and templates to help you cement the training principles and smash your goals.

It’s my job to get to know you and your business, to notice where you’re selling yourself short, call you out on your BS stories, cheer you on when you need support and celebrate each and every win.

I wanna know how you plan to move the needle in your business  – and you’ll have fortnightly check ins to keep you on track and accountable for smashing your goals.

Basically, whether you need someone to dry your tears or give you a kick up the butt, Nat don’t hold back.

So when does it start?

Sell with Confidence starts when you are ready which is NOW.

Make a 12 week commitment to get the training done,

and stay in the group coaching for a full year while you implement all the good stuff

Sell with Confidence is designed to get you damned excited
about showing up in your business
because when your head is consistently in the right place
there ain’t gonna be no holding you back

Can you imagine what it would feel like to actually enjoy your sales calls?
To feel confident putting yourself out there
To know in your bones that what you have to share is damn good
– and to go out there and make sh*t happen?

All this is possible for you and more
All you have to do is make a commitment to taking imperfect action
Every. Damn. Day.
It’s time to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ sister

Ready to Sell with Confidence?

The 12 month Sell with Confidence programme is just $2997 + GST

Get started today for just $390+ GST, with my nine month payment plan

OR pay in full and save $500

Girlfriend I am YOUR cheerleader…

Selling tips

I won’t leave you when times get tough (and they WILL. That is 100% true)
I will hold your hand in the dark times, the hard & transformative times…
I will be here to remind you of your truth, of your flow & whisper to you to find the ease…The alignment, the flow.
To remind you that you must go on this journey to FULLY understand your true worth, your offerings and mission.
To remind you that the true work is showing up consistently, building relationships and being yourself… All of the time. And this means following your own intuition (*GASP not someone else’s!)
To remind you that joy, alignment and cash will flow when you do the inner work everyday.
To remind you that external validation (likes on FB, hearts on Insta) is NOT what you should be seeking…The ONLY guiding light you should be seeking is the fire in your belly, your inner knowing, your soul’s speech.
There is no back up plan, or parachute. There is only one way. Your way, one step each day. Belief. Belief. Belief.
Of course there is the necessary ‘stuff’: Strategy, plans, target market, delivery blah blah blah but this ‘stuff’ will fall flat, you WILL blame it & the people… IF you don’t believe in yourself first.
Prepare to fail. Prepare to succeed. Let’s dance the business waltz. You lead.
Come, I will shine the light for you.
Remember I fucking LOVE you and this is why I am here and you are here.
Now you have read the vibes, the nuts and bolts… Let’s get some skin in the game and your head outta the clouds and push HELL YES!

One year from today will you still be feeling stuck and trapped?
Or will you crack open a kombucha and make a toast to a damn good investment
that pays for itself, over and over and over again
Girlfriend, quit procrastinating and join me already in Sell with Confidence Together, we got this
I can’t wait to see you shine
Love Nat x


P.S Got Qs? Click here to book a call with me and let’s work out if Sell with Confidence is right for you. And if it’s not? No worries. I’m only gonna invite you in if I think it’s genuinely what you need. So come on, let’s chat.