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I used to sell mortgages.

I used to sell mortgages when I had no mortgage.

I used to sell mortgages and budgeting advice, when I had no mortgage and no money to budget.

Let me share a wee story with you first. I remember I went into labour with my first child. The mid wife assigned to me had never had children. Never been pregnant. During contractions I remember thinking how absurd it was. How on earth can you even relate to me lady!

Back to the selling of mortgages. I was living in Australia as a kiwi. Knowing no one and career changing at the same time. Hell why not move countries and careers all at the same time….After 8 weeks of intensive sales training on how to sell mortgages, I went to meet my first prospective client.

Cups of tea were made, polite conversations were had. Then the conversation started, unknown to them it was a sales one. I was after all ‘trained’. Everything was unfolding exactly to the strict formula I had rehearsed until…They asked about my mortgage, kids and financial knowledge of budgets….Um cue the freaking awkwardness.

I didn’t have one, I was a very young 23 at the time. They were in their 40’s with 2 small children. Enter a very realistic slap in the face…The reality slap stings. It actually can make you gasp. I stayed in this new contract for another 8 weeks and gained 6 clients, but I just couldn’t keep going with no fundamental understanding, no connection could be made. I had to rehearse the fucking sales conversation while driving, and slap my face in the mirror to get all sales hungry and fist pump… I am a fucking sales machine!! Hmmmmm.

Faking it until you make it can only ever work for so long right?

I do know why I had this lesson. I learnt how brave I was, that I can sell …Heck ladies I sold mortgages and budgeting advice when I didn’t have a mortgage nor had a budget to even advise ahahah. Seriously, I am resilient during tough times and that experience gave me the foundations for my entrepreneurial spirit…Now I am a sales queen because I am the relevant expert. I sit in the engine room with you and say…Hell yeah today was tough…See you in here tomorrow.

My intention behind this blog was to share more about my story. So I can be that midwife who has had a baby and can totally relate to you when you think you are about to pooh! (Nek minute baby!) But mostly to show you that:

  1. You have to push so much harder to sell something you don’t relate too or haven’t experienced.
  2. The exhaustion of having to fake it for too long will get you sectioned as crazy!
  3. You will actually become your worst nightmare…A untrustworthy pushing salesperson who has sniper sales skills.
  4. Nothing sells better than conviction, confidence and character…But also knowing and understanding there is a place for that sales conversation when it comes from your heart space and full belief in what you are doing.

My latest programme Queen of Sales has been birthed from my rich tapestry of all my selling roles, business knowledge from two (yes 2) failed businesses. So if you are ready to learn from sales from someone who actually gets it….Then there is a space for you.

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Natalie Tolhopf | Business Coach

About Natalie Tolhopf | Business Coach

After more than a decade in coaching (and a failed business venture), Natalie Tolhopf knows that success is all about mindset, focus and consistency. With a coaching philosophy that’s equal parts butt kick and handhold, Nat guides inspired businesswomen to take imperfect action to build your business in a way that’s right for you. She’ll teach you how to adopt a success mindset, and bust through procrastination and perfectionism to become the star of your own show.

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