Success Mindset with Natalie Tolhopf Business Coach
  • I don’t know enough.
  • I’d never be brave enough to do that in my biz.
  • I’m crap at sales.
  • It’s got to be perfect before I can put it out.
  • I’ll never be as successful as her.
  • What if they find out the truth about me?

Shit babe. The list goes on. I’ve heard it all.

Here’s the hard truth. If you keep thinking that way you’re right. You won’t get anywhere.

Because your mindset BS is getting in your way of being a raging success. You are sabotaging yourself.

Your biz will only ever be as good as your mindset. 

So let’s pull up those big girl pants and GET IT IN CHECK.

Because it’s time to commit and make it happen or go and get a job.

I needed more one-on-one coaching and accountability. And going with Nat was the right choice! She calls me out on my BS and also makes me look at things from a different angle. It makes biz decisions so much easier when you’ve got someone in your corner. I highly recommend Nat and regular coaching with her – I’ve made significant progress on goals I’ve had on the backburner for years.

~ Louise Blakely, Hooked on Marketing

Natalie Tolhopf Success Mindset Coach

Mindset motivator, butt-kick facilitator and bad-ass cheerleader.

I teach women in business how-to drop the self-sabotage and take consistent, imperfect action to grow their biz AND their revenue with confidence.

After growing my own profitable business and spending more than a decade as a business consultant and coach, I know success is all about mindset, imperfect action and consistency.

But here’s the thing. If you want success, you HAVE to drop all your BS stories.

You HAVE to put on a success mindset and step into your own power. 

Because success doesn’t come out of comfort zones. 

The problem is your mindset LOVES to stay in its comfort zone. Chilling out on its own little sofa where it’s safe and easy.

It wants to keep you safe. 

That means reframing your mindset. Learning how to tell it to bugger off when it makes comments that won’t help you to smash your goals.

Helping you to gain the confidence to back yourself, ignore the self-doubt, and drive ahead anyway. 

It is totally possible. You just need an objective, bad-ass cheerleader, who won’t accept excuses. Someone who will help you to get the clarity, habits, and drive that it takes to show up authentically 




Someone who’ll ask the hard questions, hold you accountable, and push you further than you thought you could fly. 

That’s how you’ll take your biz to the next level.

No more procrastination. No more perfectionism. No more bloody comparisonitis.

You are good enough NOW. 

Not tomorrow, next week, or next year.

But NOW. 

How do I know?

Because I was you. 

I had two businesses that crashed. Because my attitude and mindset was a far cry from where it is now. 

So what did I do?

I asked for help. Got back to basics.

And that’s when the penny dropped.

I realised I needed to control my mindset.

Not the other way round.

So, think of that as butt-kick one

Butt-kick two is to get off your procrastination train and click HERE to book a free discovery call with me.

I’m waiting for your booking. 

Nat. x 

Nat is amazing! Super helpful, kicks your butt, believes in you, supports you and has so many gold nuggets to share. Nat really helps you to believe in yourself and holds you accountable to get s**t done. 

~ Andrea Riggans, New You Personal Training

I am so pleased I got in touch with Nat… she pushed me, no, more like shoved me out of my comfort zone in all aspects of my business. 

If you’ve been thinking about a coach and need one that will kick your butt… and get results, ring Nat, you will not regret it, she’s a rockstar.

~ Sally McRae, Sage + Mac Jewellery