The Biz Slap Accountability Program with Natalie Tolhopf

It is a time for you to feel safe. It is a time for you to be supported.

Doing this all alone while being and feeling frightened of the future is causing massive paralysis.

Moving your business forward at the time is paramount.

This could look like some things are paused but let’s action all the things you DO want to be doing.  It is bloody hard to hold yourself accountable during times that are unknown. 

Why? Because you are curious, creative and at times full of BS. You already know what to do, but you need to knuckle down. Bring focus and simplicity to your business.

Day after day you procrastinate about getting started on your work

While your to-do’ list gets bigger and bigger due to INACTION

And you are feeling CRUSHED by the weight of everything that needs to be done…

Now you’re wondering how the fuck you are going to get through this year. 


An Accountability Group for female entrepreneurs who have bright shiny object syndrome (and are now in overwhelm!) To get SHIT done! To have someone to help them keep moving forward and not stagnate. Because they are ready to take massive action and WANT to be held accountable to GET IT DONE!

A ROCKING paid members-only TRIBE of people that are growing their businesses right alongside you, so that you can learn from them, grow together, and GET ACCELERATED RESULTS…

💥Small Group Coaching and tons of personal support from Yours Truly!

You’ll also get free training so you can hit the ground running- from daily actions to yearly planning


Nicola Kane - Moving Memories

I have learned so much working with Nat’s group coaching – it has really helped me see what I can achieve and has also given me the accountability that I needed. Nat won’t sugar coat stuff, but will give you what you need to move forward.

Nicola Kane – Moving Memories

Amy MacAuley Accountability testimonial

She will inspire, motivate and literally kick your butt into action. She is real, authentic, she walks the walk and she genuinely cares about your success.

 Amy McAuley

When you used to work for someone else it was their job to keep your nose to the grindstone, to keep you focused and productive. And you were a great worker right? But now that you work for yourself, it’s easy to get distracted by all the other time-eating- stuff like:

  • Ooh this webinar/podcast/new online training looks great – I’ll just do my actual work later…
  • Mmmm where’s that leftover butter chicken I put in the fridge?
  • Maybe I’ll just check out what my main competitor is advertising on Facebook (an hour later you realise you’ve fallen down the social media wormhole again)
  • OMG the house is a mess and I need to get the dishes done before school pick up time!

Have you already tried an accountability partner in the form of a friend or a family member? 

How did it work out?

Most people find it either fizzles out, or it even worse it becomes awkward or toxic to your personal relationship!

Time to start the real work.

Showing up as you. Not giving a crap about what your competition are doing! 

Let’s roll babes!


Louise Stephens

In just 8 months, my business has grown by 4x the number of clients I was working with this time last year + I have the confidence & income to invest in outsourcing tasks that take me away from what I really need to be doing.

Louise Stephens

Candice - The Marketing Baker

Nat is your biggest supporter, butt kicker and cheerleader. There’s never any judgment, she just helps you navigate through everything you’re facing and give you the confidence to show up and take that imperfect action.

 Candice Baker, The Marketing Baker

Summer Slap


Well, first, let’s start out by saying that this offer is not for everyone…

It’s for DOERS, ACTION TAKERS, IMPLEMENTERS, and those who will do the work.

We show up and do the work. Have good days, bad days and all in between but we bounce back.

Fast and fierce.

Our business success means the difference between either

Staying in our full time job or having to go back to a job.

No fucking way!

​So we are all 100% committed to keep trying. ​To do the work, finding the solutions to our problems but mostly about stepping up and being of service to our clients


First up you will have a one-on-one hour with me. This is where we will get clear on what you need to do to blast through your blocks and make the most out of the Biz Slap programme.

Every Monday I will ask you to share the actions that you WILL complete by Friday tools-down-time. 

And I will be checking up on you administering a butt kick if you don’t do the work, or a high-five when you do! 

This is done in a private members-only Facebook group. 

We will meet every week via zoom group call. This is where you get to directly ask me questions to help you action your goals. [If you can’t make the calls, they are recorded for you. You can submit questions beforehand and I will answer them directly for you. ]

PLUS….Every week we will have a GSD hour. This is where you show up for one hour, no coaching, just a focus on what you want to get done for the next 60 mins….Then it’s heads down GETTING SHIT DONE… With a group. This is a very powerful practice!


So how much is it?

The Biz Slap is $4000+GST for 6 months.

There are three payment options: 

Option 1 – Payment plan of 6 x monthly payments of $665 +GST
Option 2 – Payment plan of 26 x weekly payments of $165 +GST
Option 3 – Save $1000 and pay up front for the 6 months and pay only $3000 +GST

I am only interested in committed people this is why you need to commit to six months at
a time. BUT with the option of paying monthly.