business audit

Need a fresh pair of eyes?

I will stalk your biz and give you an actionable strategy to take forward.

(If you get off your ass and DO it!)


Struggling with what to start with first? All the things you know you should be doing…But you get so overwhelmed you scroll.

What They're Saying..

I’ve been lucky enough to have two sessions with Nat this week and I’m ready to get stuck in and take action.


Nat made me actually COMMIT to my business and linked all of my goals to that commitment and then broke down my goals into steps to take monthly, weekly and daily.


She has an ability to help me see my GENIUS and snaps me out of my self-limiting beliefs.


It isn’t because you lack ideas, but you lack the discipline. This is the truth. And someone has to tell you. It isn’t because you don’t know what to do, but you just won’t start!

It is time to start.

 When you are looking at your biz with frustration, fear, scarcity and reluctance…Then that is what you are selling.

You know your current course of action won’t get you the results you’re looking for — but some days, it just feels easier than sticking to a longer-term strategy. It’s better than nothing, right?

The reason you aren’t making the money or where you thought you would be….Is because you have been feed a tonne of lies. The social media highlight reels make it out like its all fucking lalala land and pina coldas…

Well the cold hard truth is that you gotta show up EVERYDAY, do the sales activity and face your money stories. The Business Stalk is all about getting you to do just that. See what it really takes to make consistent money. To sell from your heart, from you true aligned action.

It is time to get STALKED!

I want you to feel confident about your potential and the value you offer to a client and the world. And I’m here to help you make it all happen.


Having  a fresh pair of eyes on your business. To open your eyes to the opportunities around.

Creating THE perfect action plan — One that fits your personality, interests, and lifestyle — in realistic time frames.

Getting excited about taking action, instead of feeling intimidated and overwhelmed by tactics that don’t seem to make a difference.

Ready For Action?

Yes, you CAN fall in love with your business and avoid burnout. You can bypass the loneliness of working by yourself from home. And you can do it all without second guessing yourself one. more. time.

Doesn’t that sound great?

I created the Business Stalk to help you get there.

Praise from clients

“The accountability is a big thing and knowing your there, supporting, encouraging and helping me to keep things real, maintains a force of energy for me to take action, whether its big or small steps… moving forward is the key to any success.”

Lamanda Brown

“I feel like you are in my head half of the time – you say exactly what I need to hear at just the right time. Get strategic about my business.”

Christine Sheehy

“Nat has the ability to clear away the distracting, unproductive stuff (the crap, as she likes to call it) and she helped me get to the centre of what I need to do to propel my business forward.”

Renata Kunz Mathewson

“Working with Nat is the best investment I’ve made for myself and my business. Her mindset training is changing my whole belief systems … no longer is everything so hard!””

Trish Middleton

“I feel like I have gained enormous clarity about which direction I wish to take my business.””

Kim Lane

“Instead of fighting back, I am incorporating some of the techniques she has suggested and am already making huge inroads on some of my business goals that have been lying dormant for years.”

Fee Kirkpatrick


— We’ll start with you pouring guts out hahaahaha but seriously!  I really deeply need to know exactly where you are at!

– After you have answered all my harrowing yet necessary questions I will literally STALK you.

— Look at your website (or lack of) your social, your words, your actions, ALL of you and your stuff.

— I will give you simple but effective recommendations to become planned, focused and rocking your 90 days like a mofo. This is the secret sauce!

–We will create an action plan based on what you need to work on (biz development) and can starting working on right now! (Action plan)

— Sales recommendations – This is the wrap around that will set you apart. Anyone can follow a formula, but can you continually show up to do the work everyday? I am going to contact you again after a month. Be scared!

This review aka Business Stalk is designed to build your confidence, to help you show up in your business. In a way that excites you.