There’s no need to reinvent the bloody wheel!

And there’s no shame in looking for ‘the EASY WAY’ to get stuff done.

In fact it’s the smart option babe, to use the knowledge from women who have blazed a trail before us.

Think of The Confidence Collection as a time machine… 

First off it saves you time looking for all this know-how in different places, no need for trial and error – it’s all been tested and used by hundreds of my clients (and by ME!)

Secondly it speeds up your success – it strips away your ‘but I don’t know how’ and your ‘but I’m not sure’ excuses.


Get your hands on my library of checklists, cheatsheets, examples and prompts. PLUS explanatory videos and audio clips so that you REALLY understand how to use them. No guessing, no missing pieces, no roadblocks to taking action.

Confidence Collection Library of Butt Kicks

So what’s in the Confidence Collection?

How to conquer Great Aunt Fear and move from paralysis to ACTION!

Learn the power of positive affirmations, use mine to make your own!

Sometimes over planning can be overwhelming…What if you just created and said what you really wanted.

Grab A coffee because we are going crazy simple. It will blow your mind!

Creating content is easy. It is your mindset and over thinking that makes it hard. Time to conquer this!

Learn that selling everyday is a good thing. Adding calls to actions become easy and a no brainer

This area in the online world can be really daunting. It doesn’t have to be when you are flowing from your energy! 

Stop over complicating how to sell and see that you already do have a existing funnels! Now to focus on the best ones.

You put your soul & courage into one post, one video…Don’t stop there. I have a list of things you can do with all this amazing stuff

Get known as the expert and authority. Plus it helps you with your niche!

 How to build relationships that convert into sales. Really see how sales is really just a conversation.

Sell before you build - Natalie Tolhopf

Stop wasting your time creating and start selling it.This whole concept will make you are a creating cash flow!!

There is no point in only posting on your FB page. You gotta be all over this stuff

Tools to not only grow, but sell your stuff. I give you my exact templates to use including FB posts!

A checklist of ideas to do everyday. Stop over complicating what sales is! Do you want fries with that?


Finally an offer that you CAN’T refuse because it is only the price of a BOOK!

GEEZ that’s a whole lotta butt kicks and inspiration in one collection!

ACTION packed, Easy listening AND totally digestible.

Now WHO wants one?

They are ONLY $47 +GST

Get the tools and clarity that you need to hit the next level in your biz.

Amy McAuley

Now I feel armed and ready to go to next stage and will keep referring back to this content – it has so many nuggets and it’s basically gold!
Amy McAuley

The tools Natalie has given me will be useful for years to come.
Rebekah Holmes


Claire Talbot

Nat has the ability to empower you, to fill you with the confidence and tools that will move you forward and towards your goals.
Claire Talbot