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Does Business Journaling Really Work?

Hint: the answer is yes!

Do you ever feel like there’s so much information ricocheting around your head that you can’t possibly fit anything else in!?

Then let’s take a look inside that mind of yours right now.

I’ll hazard a guess that you’ve got a to-do list with at least 20 items on it, plus around half a dozen sub-lists on that to-do list! There are 101 business ideas floating around in there, song lyrics from the ’80s, and probably a few self doubt thoughts thrown in there for good measure too.

And that’s just on the surface, right?

Don’t fret babe. It’s so normal that it’s laughable. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

What if there was a way to vacuum all the shit floating around in there out of your head, organise it, vent it, ditch the trash, and action the important parts? How bloody calm would it be in your noggin!!

Does Business Journaling Really Work?This is what business journaling does – and a shitload more.

Sound too good to be true? It really isn’t. Business journaling can transform the way you work, reduce stress, build confidence, organise your life, and even help you sleep better.

How can it do all of that? Let’s see…

What Is Business Journaling?

It’s not complicated, and therein lies the key. Business journaling is the process of writing down your ideas, thoughts and feelings. You project stories of where you want to be, giving you direction and building a success mindset. It also creates precious space in your brain and allows your mind to slow down, untangle the knots, and take action.

Journaling can involve everything from a brain dump to affirmations and a picture of the life you are working towards.

How Does It Help?

There are a million ways it can help. Your journal can transform into whatever you need it to be: a mindset coach, a place to set goals and dream, a therapist, a designer, a personal assistant, and an advisor.

Writing helps you slow down and find those connections in your mind that you might otherwise miss.

It helps you focus, stay on track and be accountable.

Your journal is a place to analyse thoughts, ideas, events, beliefs, and goals. It helps you review and reflect on where you have been and plan where you are going.

On a deeper level, the act of recording challenges and coming up with solutions helps build inner strength and confidence in your own abilities.

Battle limiting beliefs, challenge your mindset, identify self-destructive patterns – it can all be done via business journaling.

How Do I Start Journaling?

The easiest way is to just start writing. You don’t need to spend a week shopping for the “perfect” journal and fountain pen. That’s just another form of procrastination!

Grab a notebook and pen and just write. Don’t let your perfectionism kick in. You are not writing your memoirs for your adoring fans. It’s about emptying your brain, especially at the beginning.

What you write or how much you write isn’t important for now, only that you do write, and you do it every day.

If you’re feeling stuck on how to get started, then you can use some journaling prompts to kick you off. They help get the thoughts flowing and direct your journaling into something productive. You can also write about your business – why you started it, who your customers are, what your goals and visions are, what’s in your way.

Make it part of your daily routine and fill it with whatever you like: doodles, affirmations, things you are grateful for, things you do well, things you want to do better, goals. Hell, it’s your journal babe, do it however you want.

Just remember not to let it become a negative dumping place for all your shit. Venting is essential, but make your whinges work for you! For every problem, focus on a solution. Write about what you’re doing well rather than what’s not going right.

A really powerful hint is to write as if you are already living the perfect life. What does it look like? How much are you earning, where are you living, how much time are you investing into the business, and who are you with. Training your brain to accept abundance will help to deliver it to you via the Law of Attraction.

Like anything, journaling is a habit you need to work at. Set yourself a goal to spend ten minutes writing every day for two weeks and you will start to see the difference it can make to your mindset, your stress levels, your productivity and your success.

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