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7 FREE Marketing Ideas for your business that are simple to use right now!

Not all marketing ideas need to be difficult or expensive. It’s more important to get your message our there CONSISTENTLY than it is to be fancy. Taking ACTION moves your business forward – so get to it! 

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#1    Video

Hands down the best way to get your message out to the world is via video. Now some of you may just screw your face up and declare that there is no way in hell you are going on video… but here is the thing… Video so easily gives you the authentic identity you need to stand out online. It is the fastest way for someone to start building a relationship with you. When someone likes you, they trust you and then they will buy from you.

People want to see you being authentic and raw. Albeit you do need to know what you will be talking about. A good old heart message is the way to go. You don’t need to have fancy equipment either. Grab your mobile phone and get chatting to it.

The best Imperfect  Action is to do what scares you. Let’s face it seeing your own face, hearing your own voice… well it really encourages growth in your self belief muscles.

#2    USP – Unique Selling Point

I want to introduce to you the best ever USP you will ever come across. USP is short for unique selling point, it is what sets you apart from your competition and the number one reason people will buy from you. It is YOU & how you solve their biggest problems. Simple, true and very powerful.

If you spend time working on what you value, what brings you more joy and the one thing that just freaking pisses you off…Yes…Keep reading. If what you are wanting to teach, package or create will solve a problem that you so badly want to help solve…And you pack that with your authentic energy, humour & panache….Girlfriend your life will flow.

Stop thinking you have to be somebody different in business…Just start by showing & being MORE of you. How? By taking daily action steps in your business. Writing that gut feeling title, blog message or FB post… Using the voice you really want instead of hiding inside of a ‘should look’ like this box.

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#3    Welcoming your new tribe

When you go to the effort of inviting people to sign up for your  amazing free ebook, download or report…Then it is polite to thank them. But not just from an automated email in your Mailchimp or Aweber account.

Each morning go and check for new sign ups (great way to track anyway!) and grab the email addresses of the new people. Send a fun, light hearted “ Hey, it’s Nat here, I just wanted to personally thank you for signing up to my free report. Hit reply if you have any burning questions that I can help you with right now!”

This single exercise will always help you stay connected to your customer base. And put a human behind your business.

#4    3.2.1 Blast Off

You need to show up on your business social media page every day.The life cycle of customer interest can be up to 18 months. All it takes is for you to stop showing up on social media before someone else swoops in and takes prospective clients from you.
But I can see you, Monday morning, head in hands thinking “What the heck am I going to blog about or post on social media?”.
Repurpose blogs, interviews and newsletters. For example, take one blog post and turn it into five social media memes, a video, a database mailout and perhaps five more social media posts.

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#5    Ask the Audience

A great way to stay on top of what your followers, customers need and want is to straight out ask them. You can do this a number of ways:

  1. Send an email to your list with a question.
  2. Put up a question with options on your Facebook page
  3. Create a survey in www.surveymonkey.com and run a competition to get more entries

Use questions that empower the reader. So “ What would you tell a new women in business that you wished someone told you?” That way you are getting some real gutsy answers.

When you know the exact problem they are having you can then create the specific solution.  You will be able to confidently ask yourself “What simple and easy life-changing result could you teach your audience right now?”

#6    Blogging

If there is one way to propel your business forward it is with blogging. It does two things…(It actually does like a billion but here are two!)

  1. Gives you continuous clarity around who your target market is AND how you are solving their problems.If you are blogging weekly this is very powerful.
  2. Once you identify why you blog or vlog…Is it for entertainment, education or being informative? Which ever one, you get to share your words of wisdom in your voice.

And there is a tribe out there who loves what you have to say and how you say it…. Just start…

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#7    Add a Call to Action

As women we naturally tend towards constant learning. While this is an excellent and not to be sniffed at trait…We do need to balance it up with actions. Specifically actions that drive revenue…Get comfortable with money.

A specific action to take is to make sure that all messages, including emails. Have a call to action. So any social media post should encourage the reader to go back to your website i.e. to read a blog, to sign up, to schedule a strategy session etc

Take action right now and check that your email template has a call to action on it.

If you are ready to make a kick-ass plan this year and actually follow through and do the work – click here to book a FREE 30 Minute Discovery Call with me. And CLICK HERE to download your PDF version of my 7 FREE Marketing Ideas.



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