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Guilt is stopping me putting myself out there

Is GUILT stopping YOU putting yourself out there?

********Who do you think you are? Hmmmm????*******

When you get the initial thought that you want to have your own business….It brings with it this weird as

Guilt for rocking the status quo of the family.
Guilt for the possible failure (Which is ironic..cos babe failure is 100% guaranteed)
Guilt for wanting to have the limelight.
Guilt for deciding to have a voice.
Guilt for NOT wanting a job.
Guilt for wanting MORE!

Is guilt stopping you from building your bizMy husband is amazing and would let me fly to the moon if I wanted… and literally burn all our money.
Thanks babe. But that didn’t mean I didn’t suffer this bad ass guilt.

Going to networking meetings and shaking up his schedule…Coming home late.
Silly stuff. But it is real.

The biggest GUILT sucker punch came, when I told him I was going to make $10,000 in 6 weeks.

First launch,
First online programme,
I made $45.00 Um…yeah…About that.

Guilt for being useless. When I knew how to run other people’s businesses. But I couldn’t get mine to work.

It’s broken, I am broken…FFS.

Guilt because my mum saw me at a cafe when she was looking after my kids…. New age biz
mum…hashtags and all that! And I felt like I was taking advantage because it didn’t look like traditional “working”

Guilt for having to invest more money, that my husband had worked to get.

Guilt for not spending enough time with the kids.

It’s a real self sabotage, a real ego tactic to stop us in our tracks.
Slow us down and make us believe we can’t do it.

This is the shit they don’t tell you about.

ALL of the old stories we have inside us, well they line up and we employ the bastards and they join us
at the breakfast table….Great Aunt Fear, Dad Self Doubt, Cousin Wendy (she worries a lot) and my
sister Self Sabotage… and we all know THAT neighbour… George Guilt.

Yes I make light of it. But these feelings, thoughts can at times dominate you.

So what do we do about it?

Dealing with it by starting to feel the feels, then deciding how you do want to actually feel. To take the right kind of action, we need to connect it with the right energy. Your energy.

To do this, we start by how we want to feel each day. Setting the thoughts we know will serve us better and writing them down. Yes I am talking about journalling.

Bob Proctor teaches us the art of stepping into the future, right now. Acting as if, thinking as if and being THAT successful person from the beginning.

Lucky for you I have a beginners guide right HERE for you to get started.  There is no strategy for moving on from guilt or fear or doubt. But facing it and moving forward.

Nat x



Natalie Tolhopf | Business Coach

About Natalie Tolhopf | Business Coach

After more than a decade in coaching (and a failed business venture), Natalie Tolhopf knows that success is all about mindset, focus and consistency. With a coaching philosophy that’s equal parts butt kick and handhold, Nat guides inspired businesswomen to take imperfect action to build your business in a way that’s right for you. She’ll teach you how to adopt a success mindset, and bust through procrastination and perfectionism to become the star of your own show.

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