Imperfect Action Cards - Taking Action Every Day

Why Take Imperfect Action?

The only difference between you and the success you want…Is one more action.

Your ducks will never be lined up ready, one will fly off, one will walk away. So take the action to get the clarity you need.

The theory can only take you so far, your ‘will’ & ‘should’s’ just fuel the fear & procrastination.

Use this card pack when you are feeling like you need a kick start, a kick to move out of a funk. Or you are needing a new perspective and energy to start your day.

You can pull just one card, or pull three cards to kick butt with your business!

Imperfect Action Cards - The butt-kick you need

Imperfect Action Cards help inspired women like YOU, intuitively grow and simplify their businesses. Time to kick perfection, procrastination and overwhelm to the curb.

What Others Say About Nat…

You are really a kick-ass coach and you take people in businesses as well as in their personal lives to new heights!


I love how Nat keeps me in check, she puts effort into keeping up with what I’m doing, she’s not afraid to tell me how it is and what I should be doing, but best of all – she keeps me accountable so that I reach those goals.


Accountability is the key and Nat delivers that in a no-nonsense approach, with heaps of humor, realness and a unique way to propel you forward.



Imperfect Action Cards Only

Imperfect Action cards


Imperfect Action Cards + 1 x Coaching Session

Imperfect action is a little bit like giving birth

You know as a woman you are built to do it. It is in your natural ability. You have a birth plan for objectives …But we all know where the birth plan ends up in the middle of it…The fear of the unknown is scary but you know that either way the baby has to come out. A bit like your business making money, growing and evolving. When it is time to give birth there can only be imperfect action. Everything will happen as it should and you will deal with it at the time. Just trust that you know what to do, you have the support around you and breathe! Crazy analogy…But a good one to remember.