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How To Reset A Bad Week And Finish Strong

We all have our down moments. Often the shittyness is just limited to a few hours or a bad day. But sometimes, the crap just seems to keep on coming.

Whether you blame it on the alignment of the planets, bad luck, karma, or those asshole hormones, the reality is still the same…

How to reset a bad week and finish strong - Natalie TolhopfIt’s not what life throws at you that matters, it’s how you deal with it.

There’s no shame in feeling overwhelmed, pissed off, disappointed, or like you want to give up. Just don’t let yourself wallow in those feelings for too long.

And you know what? A couple of bad days does not have to tarnish the last part of the week. Or, a bad week doesn’t have to spill over to the weekend and into next week.

Here’s how to hit the reset button on a bad week, finish strong, and get your swagger back for a fresh start tomorrow (or on Monday morning).


How To Reset A Bad Week And Finish Strong

Adjust Your Attitude

Ever noticed how much people love to focus on the negative shit!?

Gossip is juicier when it’s “bad,” the media’s most clicked headlines are depressing… and our brains seem wired to slip into negative mode at any given moment.

But you’re NOT a robot, babe! You actually have the power to rewire, control, and change your thoughts and the energy you radiate. It just takes perseverance, vigilance and determination – but I know you’ve got all those things in spades.

Stop over thinking and focusing on all the shit that went wrong this week.

Instead, think about everything GOOD that happened. Maybe you got a nice thank you email from a client, paid off a chunk of your credit card debt, or even just saw stunning sunset on the way home. No matter how “small” it seems, add it to your list.

And yes, it really does help if you write it down.

Don’t stop there girl, go even bigger! Remember all the amazing shit you’ve achieved to get where you are now. This week will feel like nothing more than a blip when you look at the big picture!


Press Pause

Before hitting reset, hit the pause button. Give your overworked brain a break by treating yourself to something you enjoy and something that helps you relax. Dance, exercise, watch your favourite comedy, have a coffee with friends. Then come back and work on resetting.


Get Organised

There’s one sure-fire cure for overwhelm – it’s organisation and action! Instead of heading home with your tail between your legs not sure how you’re going to cope next week, get to list-making!

Figure out what jobs are the highest priority. Break ‘em down until they feel manageable, and you’ll soon see that it’s not as bad as you think. Plus, you will walk into the office on Monday refreshed, clear, and ready to take action.



If you’ve ever used Google maps to get somewhere, you know that when you take a wrong turn or hit a roadblock, Google doesn’t just give up and tell you to go home – it reroutes!

Take a lesson from your app and don’t let mistakes or obstacles stop you in your tracks. Find another way to get where you need to go.


Boost Your Mood

Sometimes all it takes is a boost of endorphins or serotonin to refresh your mindset. Do one or more of the following things to feel better quickly:

  • Do something nice for someone
  • Listen to your favourite uplifting song
  • Exercise
  • Eat some quality chocolate
  • Get some fresh air
  • Snuggle your pet
  • Laugh
  • Hug someone you love


Talk It Out

Sometimes we just need to vent.

Keeping all your stress to yourself is not healthy. It is a surefire way to end up staying in mope-town for the long term. Phone a good friend, tell your loved ones what’s going on, or call your business coach to help you turn a shit week into a fucking awesome learning and growth experience!


If you are looking for that someone to call and talk it out with, then I could be the coach that helps you do it. Book a free strategy session with me now to bust through those blocks and turn a bad week into a good one!



Natalie Tolhopf | Business Coach

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