How To Set Business Goals Like A Boss! | Natalie Tolhopf
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How To Set Business Goals Like A Boss!

How To Set Business Goals Like A Boss!

Setting business goals can be a real mind bender. I remember a coach making me set a sales goal…aka an income target.
Big American guru…

“You gotta make it $10,000 bucks Nat (Imagine an accent here!) You gotta go big or go home.”

I pretty much packed up and went home.

When you are making ZERO and you are asked to make a goal of $10,000 with the vision that you will 10 x your actions to get there…Well it is actually very paralysing.

So instead I created an income goal that I believed. So when I saw the goal it fuelled me up. Not down.

Remember business success is driven by staying in the game, having big dreams BUT getting a bit real and having realistic, achievable business goals.

Set your business goals like a boss - Natalie TolhopfI call ’em Stretch Goals- They stretch you not break you.

Many of the clients I work with play the chicken and egg game. This creates a lot of confusion and worthless thoughts. So it is a matter of checking in to see that they have realistic goals that match realistic actions to get there.

A good indication your goals are stretchy:

  1. You can visualise them easily and day dream
  2. When you visualise the goals,  they create feelings within you. Think joy, calm and a sense of freedom or success
  3. You can see yourself achieving them and repeating it
  4. You know where to start and trust the rest will unfold
  5. You don’t need any extra motivation!

Take a look at how stretched you are. Or perhaps you aren’t stretched enough.

Remember that 80% of business is staying in the game. And to do that we don’t want everyday to be super tough. By tweaking some areas like goals we can find faster ways for you to feel successful. 

Our tricky brains love to find evidence of what we are believing and seeing. So if we are thinking about things that we can’t do. Our pattern making brain will keep reminding you.

This becomes very exhausting!

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