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How To Stay In The Right Mindset

When you have a positive mindset, you are all about growth and possibility. You’ll interpret difficulties and setbacks as learning opportunities and reframe your beliefs to fit your orientation towards success.

How to stay in the right mindset - Natalie TolhopfAlthough mindsets evolve throughout a lifetime, it is possible to nurture and develop a more positive outlook at any stage of life.

But here’s the catch…

It will require some work to get into, and stay in, the right mindset! Luckily for us badass babes, we aren’t afraid of a bit of hard work, right? Bring it on, I say.

If you are fed up with your own excuses, procrastination, self-sabotage and other tedious crap, read on to discover my top tips for staying in that beautiful growth mindset!


How To Stay In The Right Mindset

Soak In It

The environment you put yourself in is going to have an enormous effect on how your brain works and where your thoughts go. It just makes life so much easier to stay positive when you are surrounded by positive people and messages.

Think about what you are consuming. And I’m not talking about what you are putting in your mouth here. Rather, what you’re putting into your spongey wee brain. If you wake up, scroll Facebook, and are face-smacked with bad news, complainers, negative nancies and the like, it’s going to seep in and muddy your entire day.

Try cleaning up your social media feeds and only follow people and accounts that make you feel good, powerful, strong, and successful. Then transfer the purge to real life and make sure your inner circle is populated with awesome folk who do the same.

Read inspiring books, listen to podcasts that make you excited to open your laptop, and follow other businesses that uplift you. Feed your brain with inspiration!


Mind Your Language

The way you speak to yourself and about yourself tells me all I need to know about your mindset.

Firstly, pay attention to what you are thinking. Note the negative, self-defeating thoughts, and challenge them. Do it on paper if you need to. Take every bad thought and question if it’s really true or not. Flip your self-talk minute by minute.

Secondly, stop talking shit about yourself to others, and stop complaining! You know what I mean. Quit the self-effacing, humble, putdowns. “Sorry, I’m not very good at this,” or “I always get this wrong, I’m such a screw-up – haha.”

And no more focusing on what’s going wrong and how many problems you have. Talk about what’s going well, how great things are going, and what you are working towards. This ensures your mindset is about abundance and success, not lack and failure.


Be Mindful And Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

Minds can be tricky little fuckers!

They are easily distracted and love to fall back into familiar patterns. We have to constantly keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t run off into dangerous territory.

But this does get easier over time, trust me. It becomes automatic. It’s like that feeling you get when you know your kids are up to mischief even when you are focused on something else!

Being mindful of what you are thinking and feeling helps bring your wandering mind back where you want it. To help refocus, make sure you have clear goals written down that you are genuinely passionate and excited about.

When you find yourself falling into a limiting mindset, visualise your goal and take action, even if it’s just a baby step in the right direction. This will create that precious momentum, get you fired up for success, and back on the right track.

A great way of staying in the right mindset is to surround yourself with positive influences. And you can find them in my Allergic to Perfect Facebook group! A kick ass biz babes chasing down their big-hairy goals and targets.

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