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Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you decided to stop accumulating stuff…you know the stuff we see on Facebook as we scroll. We might see someone else selling there stuff and we think oh yeah I love it.. I want it.. so I will buy into it. Then we need bigger homes to put our stuff in .. and then bigger cars to put our kids and their stuff in!

10891489_700035006775798_6619557384587276907_nWell stuff it!

When I was working in my corporate job in the city, I had to be really prepared to run the family and get myself out the door. I found that when I let go with having the house constantly tidy, and the constant need to always have stuff…I even find that I still stuff way to much in my gob! But this is just the beginning of how stuff entered my life and grew like a virus on a petrie dish. I didn’t know that stuff came with his friend who like to be called keeping up with the Joneses and my life was getting really weird. I was overwhelmed with all this damn stuff!

Why…because I think that I have lost the art of just being. Just either reading a book, writing, chilling. So even though we can have materialistic stuff…my biggest issue is with my mental stuff. I find that if you don’t watch what stuff you allow to enter your head and you find yourself with the belief that you have to have a perfect life, with the perfect children and eat the perfect food…Then shit hits the fan.

Your life comes unstuck, seems dull, unfulfilling and you end up being so ungrateful…Depression may even settle in. Big statement to make but I have been there. But I sort help and started to look at the amazing people, experiences, emotions and journeys I had had and was still going to have.

So my challenge for you- What work and life clutter are you going to remove to be more of a minimalist and free up space for you?

When you get rid of the stuff, you make room for all the thoughts, plans and realising a career that you really want to be part of.

For me I make an effort every day to stick to my plan, vision and goals.


Nat xx



Natalie Tolhopf | Business Coach

About Natalie Tolhopf | Business Coach

After more than a decade in coaching (and a failed business venture), Natalie Tolhopf knows that success is all about mindset, focus and consistency. With a coaching philosophy that’s equal parts butt kick and handhold, Nat guides inspired businesswomen to take imperfect action to build your business in a way that’s right for you. She’ll teach you how to adopt a success mindset, and bust through procrastination and perfectionism to become the star of your own show.

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