The Imperfect Mastermind

You know you are here for MORE! So why the FUCK are you driving from perfection? Huh!

Dive deep now. You won’t sink, you will swim for dear life & finally surrender & float with ease. I won’t take you anywhere I haven’t been & come back from. I invite you officially into The Catapult Collective to finally make money in your biz. To feel what it is like to fully share your voice, show up daily and deal with all your BS once and for all.

Let’s face it babes, there is a missing bloody link out there…And it is called kicking ya butt when you are full of BS aka holding you accountable to your dreams. There are only so many courses, programmes and how to trainings you can sign up to.

It is time to start.

Start taking action.

Action on the dreams you hold in your head.

Getting your head in the game.

Warming up your head before you start your business day.

Connecting in to your feminine intuition and using it as your damn CEO! yes your guiding light to what its right. When you feel amazing about an idea, then it keeps on flowing. When you are looking at your biz with frustration, fear, scarcity and reluctance…Then that is what you are selling.

You know your current course of action won’t get you the results you’re looking for — but some days, it just feels easier than sticking to a longer-term strategy. It’s better than nothing, right?

I can show you how to make money in your business and fill your workshops FAST. The reason you aren’t making the money you thought….Is because you have been feed a tonne of lies. The social media highlight reels make it out like its all fucking lalala land and pina coldas…Well the cold hard truth is that you gotta show up EVERYDAY, do the sales activity and face your money stories. The Collective is all about getting you to do just that. See what it really takes to make consistent money. To sell from your heart, from you true aligned action.

The collective is about showing you how to do this.

It is time to MAKE money in your business…For real.

No way, girl. Not on my watch.

I want you to feel confident about your potential and the value you offer to a client and the world. And I’m here to help you make it all happen.


Having a team of peers to cheer you on, and a business expert to motivate you and keep you on track throughout your business journey.

Creating THE perfect strategy — the one that fits your personality, interests, and lifestyle — in less time than you thought possible.

Getting excited about taking action, instead of feeling intimidated and overwhelmed by tactics that don’t seem to make a difference.

We are here to be of service, to share our message, to sell what you find easy as pie. To give someone the outcome we KNOW that can be achieved…why because you fucking DID , Have and continue to achieve it.

PHEW that feels amazing right….but the day to day highlight reels keep us playing small, the shine the light down the tunnel of darkness we haven’t been before so we wait.. instead of strapping on the MF headlamp and just going in….

What… is… the.. worst.. that.. can.. happen?

Cos I can tell you one thing… The worst is already happening right now… you can’t be worse off in your biz than RIGHT NOW….So the only way is forward with what I hear you ask?

Ready For Something Different?


Yes, you CAN fall in love with your business and avoid burnout. You can bypass the loneliness of working by yourself from home. And you can do it all without second guessing yourself one. more. time.

Doesn’t that sound great?

I created the Catapult Collective to help you get there.

We’ll make progress by focusing on these areas:

Daily Conscious Creation

This is where I will hold you accountable the most. You gotta believe it all first before you can bring it out to the world. This is done by learning & doing journalling, exercising, meditation AND more!

Feminine & Masculine energy AKA following you gut then JFDI!

If it feels uncomfortable it is either your ego & stories holding you back OR it’s the wrong idea in the first place. Knowing this is beyond beneficial…Like it’s fucking life changing.

Sharing MORE of yourself

The world needs YOU right now. If what you find comes naturally IS not part of your current biz model…Then saddle up because you are in for a bumpy bloody ride…aka you are F*!#ed In the collective I will encourage you to ALWAYS talk from your gut. The truth and nothing but.

Don’t expect instant success or celebrity status.

Why? Because you gotta do the work! And I don’t mean like literally as in build a programme, host a workshop. I am talking having to go on the business owner journey. You know the one. The freaking up and down roller coaster!

The Soul VS Ego.

Welcome to growing your biz…Hairy arm pits n all! It will quickly morph into “what the hell am I doing” busyness and you know what…That is EXACTLY what is meant to happen. So that you can find your weak spots, your throw in the towel moments. If you don’t have these moments and try to do everything by the book, by the checklist, by the strategy, by your best friend, by your networking buddy or just by yourself…Well you run into trouble!

Time to flick the fuck it switch

The crazy emphasis we put on whether our post gets ‘LIKES’ is literally stopping my clients…Like all momentum is stopped and they pull the blankets over their head! Social media is fantastic at showing us other peoples highlight reels and not real life. Damn it.. like seriously! I want you to fully get what I am about to tell you… That if no one likes your post that day…It does NOT mean you are fat, ugly, useless and that you suck! Wake up babe. Time to flick that switch!

I love my current collective of women for their courageous hearts, their brave souls. Their vulnerability, their willingness to go the extra mile and…For their commitment to their message, their business, their calling.

They are understanding that belief and action are the secret sauce. Not bloody sales funnels, processes and the shiny new website.

Proud of my tribe.

It’s for the modern entrepreneur who seeks the truth, who know they are here for more, are desperate for radical change in their daily actions. They are ready to surrender to their inner voice, that nudging intuition. That striving for perfection is a recipe for disaster. Being in alignment & taking action.

Is this you? Cos let’s face it. This bizness stuff can be brutal, the journey can be unforgiving…You can keep doing it alone OR let me help you.

I am a truth speaker, a modern entrepreneur who gives a massive shit about you and you biz.

Get daily hands-on support and accountability. Get serious about your business journey.

Praise from clients

“The accountability is a big thing and knowing your there, supporting, encouraging and helping me to keep things real, maintains a force of energy for me to take action, whether its big or small steps… moving forward is the key to any success.”

Lamanda Brown

“I feel like you are in my head half of the time – you say exactly what I need to hear at just the right time. Get strategic about my business.”

Christine Sheehy

“Nat has the ability to clear away the distracting, unproductive stuff (the crap, as she likes to call it) and she helped me get to the centre of what I need to do to propel my business forward.”

Renata Kunz Mathewson

“Working with Nat is the best investment I’ve made for myself and my business. Her mindset training is changing my whole belief systems … no longer is everything so hard!””

Trish Middleton

“I feel like I have gained enormous clarity about which direction I wish to take my business.””

Kim Lane

“Instead of fighting back, I am incorporating some of the techniques she has suggested and am already making huge inroads on some of my business goals that have been lying dormant for years.”

Fee Kirkpatrick

Get daily hands-on support and accountability. Get serious about your business journey.

Here’s what you can expect:

Daily Action Steps & Motivation

If you don’t break your business intentions and objectives down into manageable chunks, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and shut down instead of making consistent progress. I’m here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Access to new content & Shapeshifter

You will be the first to get all my new checklists, templates and MORE. What I learn, master & create I will share with you too. PLUS you get to do the 6 week ShapeShifter challenge anytime you feel you need extra…Butt kicking!

LIVE fortnightly Training Videos

You’ll learn what I have mastered and know what you need to do to get the action & traction. PLUS you can ask your questions live so you can get on with it!


The truth is the collective is the space to turn the volume up. It is your safe space and the safe word is “More!” Some questions to help quiet that left how brain of yours:

What is the Catapult Collective?

It is a private fb forum with daily, weekly butt kicking. Matched with feminine expansion aka connecting into your truth and voice. A space to actually make money in your biz…for real! 

When does it start?

It doesn’t stop. It starts when you are ready which is NOW. It is a monthly commitment. No sign ups just show up. Stay as long as you need 3 months, 6 months or a whole year! 

How does it work?

Daily and weekly accountability for what you need and for where you are at. I am in there everyday answering your questions. Giving you a butt slap, cuddle or a bloody template! Live training each week. You can watch it when you can. If you don’t participate and step up. I will call you out because I love you.

I am YOUR proof that you CAN make money in your biz

Yes girlfriend I am YOUR cheerleader…💃
I won’t leave you when times get tough (and they WILL. That is 100% true)

I am here to remind you that during the dark times, the hard & transformative times…I will hold your hand.👭

Remind you of your truth, of your flow & whisper to you to find the ease…The alignment.

✔To remind you that you must go on this journey to FULLY understand your true worth, your offerings and mission.
✔To remind you that the true work is showing up consistently, building relationships and being yourself…All of the time. And this means following your own intuition (*GASP not someone else’s!)
✔To remind you that joy, alignment and cashflow will come when you do the inner work everyday.
✔To remind you that external validation (likes on FB, hearts on Insta) is NOT what you should be seeking…The ONLY guiding light you should be seeking is the fire in your belly, your inner knowing, your soul’s speech.

There is no back up plan, or parachute. There is only one way. Your way, one step each day. Belief. Belief. Belief. 💯 Of course there is the necessary ‘stuff’: Strategy, plans, target market, delivery blah blah blah and this ‘stuff’ will fall flat, you WILL blame it & the people… IF you don’t believe in yourself first. 🙌 Prepare to fail. Prepare to succeed. Let’s dance the business waltz. You lead.

Come I will shine the light for you.

Remember I fucking LOVE you and this is why I am here and you are here.

Now you have read the vibes, the nuts and bolts…Make a line in the sand, get skin in the game, you head outta the clouds and push HELL YES!

Get daily hands-on support and accountability. Get serious about your business journey.