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Why Do We Unintentionally Self-Sabotage Our Own Businesses?

Every human being from the beginning of time has mastered the subtle art of self-sabotage.

Me included.
And you.
And that super successful chick making waves in her business that you follow online.

Some people have called themselves out on it and have it relatively under control. Others are in total denial and spend their days feeling frustrated and wondering what the hell they are doing wrong.

There are so many reasons we hold ourselves back from success by self-sabotaging. The keys to stopping this shit are identifying it, understanding it, and managing it.

Let’s tackle this sneaky little bastard of a behaviour together.

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What Does Self-Sabotage Look Like?

Sabotage happens when our subconscious mind goes into battle against our logical, conscious mind.

It’s giving in to a shopping spree when you have just vowed to stick to a tight budget. Or, staying in bed for an extra 45 minutes instead of getting up to do yoga when you’d committed to a healthy exercise plan.

In business, there are endless ways we find to shoot ourselves in the foot.

Here are just a few common behaviours:

  • Procrastination and distraction
  • Disorganisation
  • Making excuses
  • Negative and critical thinking
  • Overworking ourselves
  • Only doing the easy jobs
  • Not making important decisions
  • Not setting goals and having a plan

But, why do we do it?


Why The Hell Would You Sabotage Your Business Success?

Of course, nobody purposely sets out to get in their own way.

But you are human, and humans are complicated creatures driven by emotions. Maybe there are self-preservation habits you picked up as a child or deep-seated fears you’ve carried your whole life.

Most often, the reasons are rooted in fear, and your sabotage behaviours are a very intricate mechanism employed by your subconscious to protect you.

Your brain and body don’t like discomfort. So naturally, they try to devise ways to avoid it.

But guess what? Fear, risk-taking, self-confidence, and stepping out of your comfort zone are uncomfortable! But if you don’t do those things, you are never going to have the success you want and deserve.

When your subconscious mind tries to prevent fear, pain, failure, embarrassment, or all those other imagined discomforts, it’s actually stopping you from reaching your dreams.

It only takes one little thought to stop you in your tracks. That alarm system you’ve got installed is going crazy.

It says, “Stop bitch! Go back! You are going to fail! You are going to be disappointed! You’re not good enough and everyone will find out!”

Cue overwhelm, cue self-doubt, cue self-sabotage!

Well I say fuck that.


How To Stop Self-Sabotaging

It’s simple really. Unconscious behaviours only work if they stay unconscious.

All you need to do is start to notice that shit.

Do the work, observe your thoughts, look at your patterns and behaviours — research how you act and what you do when things get scary.

There are times we need to be tough bitches in order to stop our own bullshit. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be kind to yourself.

Understand where the behaviour comes from. Don’t beat yourself up, focus on positivity and success instead.

Don’t expect perfection. Only expect to learn from each and every experience.

Ask yourself every day:

“What would I do today if I had no fear?”

Then just fucking do it and keep doing it.

And, if you need a cheerleader (that will gently kick your ass) to help you do it, then that could be me! Book a strategy call with me now to see if we could be a good fit.



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