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“Nat will help you conquer all your business fears & doubts and puts everything into a whole new perspective. Natalie has a great way of getting you to see your business through your clients eyes.”

Annette Faamausili- Serene Sleep

“She is so passionate about what she does. Her intentions & values are absolutely spot on. She will challenge you, support you and guide you to clarity and focus! “

Rachel Lewis- She Owns It

Nat’s a little bit of a genius. She makes it so simple! She is the little voice in my head that tells me how to keep moving on and up in my business. “

Christine Allen- Solas Media

You know what you need to do to grow your business…

But you still can’t stop signing up for courses and webinars

Looking for that Facebook-fantasy-fast-track to your overnight success.

Let’s get real girlfriend.

Building a successful business takes consistent action and self belief.

It’s about being who you are, showing up day after day and doing what it takes for as long as it takes. It’s about turning down that soundtrack of fear and ‘less than’ going round and round in your head… and knowing that you are already enough, right here, right now.

No more excuses, no more self-sabotage, no more falling for BS social media highlights reels and overnight six-figure fantasies.

Goodbye job, goodbye contracting.
I felt amazing.
Like I could fly.
I totally believed in the social media fantasy & the dream of freedom…
6 figures, 6 weeks all leveraged.
The fun stopped.
The reality set in.
In 6 weeks I had made $45.00 a far cry from the $10,000 I had told my husband.
Perhaps you think I was delusional…You aren’t wrong. I was hooked on this new internet thing.
When you leave your job and fly out on your own, most of the time you crash. Like I did.
Like you.

* I didn’t know my market
* My product/service sucked (it looked awesome though!)
* No one knew who I was
* And if they did, I was so strung out and hyper they didn’t trust me
* My videos and content were nice…but beige and boring.

The point of all of this is that I followed someone else. Compared their journey to where I was and just aimed for that. Believing that for some reason I could just bypass all the hard work!
I followed the dreams of others & was looking like a cookie-cutter version of them.

My attitude, mindset and strategy was a far cry from being that successful businesswoman I knew I could be.

So what did I do?
I asked for help.
Got back to basics.

Let me help you. I was you, I remember you. You are not a fraud you are just being a dork doing it on your own.

How did I turn it all around when I was making NO money?

A client asked me this question. It has opened up so much for me to tell you….

Because often we think that something is ‘wrong’ with our business or we don’t have the right programmes, opt-ins, enough of a database, FB likes…The list goes on.
And I know you know what I am talking about.
So you keep changing the offerings, banging your head against the wall thinking and hoping for some kind of breakthrough. Some kind of answer, a magical strategy…

Wanna know the secret fucking SAUCE?!

Getting your message out there.
Solving a problem.

So you can tell I am a bit fired up about it…!
​I turned my first year as a business coach from a $30k to a $100k.

What would it mean to you to do this in your own way?​

Starting the day connecting back into your why & your goals, then writing and affirming your current plans. Then taking an intuitive message from your journaling and posting straight onto your SM pages, followed by following up your tribe and selling.

This isn’t just a pie in the sky daily dream. This can be your reality. It is a choice to what you focus on first. If you invested one hour a day into your business driving from growth and sales, guess what you will get more of? Plus you will grow a very strong growth and content muscle.

Because the buck stops with you and the results you are getting. Hard to hear that. This is it…this is business. It is rough, incredible, sucky, tiring, sensational, incredible, miracles happen, then shit happens… But so does life…

There is nothing wrong with you, your programmes, your services…You just want to give up too early AND you have stopped putting your business, your energy and your LOVE of what you do first.

So…Where to from here?

Step one is to download this free guide I’ve prepared to show you the simple steps to taking action now in your business.


Step two is to check out some of the blogs I’ve produced over the past on all aspects of business.

Here’s some to get you started: