Natalie Tolhopf Guest Speaker at your next event

After growing her own profitable business and experiencing failed businesses along the way, Natalie Tolhopf knows that success is all about mindset, imperfect action and consistency.

For the last decade Natalie has been a mindset motivator, butt-kick facilitator and bad-ass cheerleader for high-achieving women in business. Teaching them how-to drop the self-sabotage and take consistent, imperfect action to grow their biz AND their revenue with confidence.

Podcast Speaker Natalie Tolhopf

What I bring to the table

If you want a speaker/workshop facilitator that’ll bring an upbeat energy, will motivate your audience, and light a fire in their belly – that’s me.

I speak about the truth and realness of being a woman in business.

Because contrary to glossy social media highlights, there’s no such thing as perfect. Not in life. Not in business.

And clinging to perfectionism won’t get you anywhere.

Except frustrated, pissed off, and feeling like you want to give up.

So I can speak on and facilitate workshops passionately about:

The importance of taking imperfect action.
The power of a positive, success mindset.
How accountability will drive your business forward.
How to sell with confidence including team selling.


“Nat speaks to our community about accountability and goal setting as a business owner.

She has a no nonsense impactful style that is both welcoming and challenging at the same time.

Our audience loves Nat for her fun, supportive vibe and authentic wish to help them progress. She works hard to make our audience feel like she is totally on their side and a real support to lean on in their business.  

She’s much more than just a speaker.”

Rachel Lewis, Founder of She Owns It.

Rachel Lewis - She Owns It


New Zealand Conferences

Kinesiology Association Of New Zealand Conference
Australasian Promotional Product Association
Kepa Insurance
Aspire Conference
Future Whangaparaoa

International Conferences

Tahiti Women’s Forum 2018


She Owns It members group guest expert
Million Dollar Woman podcast
Social Media Strategy podcast
The Stockhausen Show
She Prosperity podcast
She Is Fierce podcast


Impact TV (Natalie’s own show)
The Real Highlight Reels of Women In Business TV Show


NZ Women’s Weekly
NZ Business magazine
Savvy magazine
In the Media


“Natalie has a gift of speaking so that people will listen. She’s real, authentic, inspiring and gutsy.

My interview with Natalie focused on how to take imperfect action and she spoke with passion and enthusiasm blended with real examples and stories.

The reaction from my audience was fantastic, I had people message me out of the blue mentioning how much they got out of the episode.

She really inspires listeners to lift their self belief.”

Lauren Parsons, Wellbeing Specialist.

Lauren Parsons


I welcome enquiries to speak on :

  • podcasts
  • radio
  • TV
  • national and international conferences
  • as a guest expert in a social media group
  • running team workshops
Get in touch and let's chat about what you need