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How to ditch your doubt and take imperfect action to grow your biz


When business coach Natalie Tolhopf launched her online business, she fell hard for those social media highlight reels. If she just hustled hard for six weeks, she could bring in as much money (if not more) than her well-paid corporate job. She’d spend her days at the beach, listening to her Paypal notifications going ping-ping-ping… Yeah right!

It took a sudden health crisis for Nat to realize she had been hustling hard to build her business in all the wrong ways. Before she could crack six figures, Nat had to learn how to drop her perfectionism, trust her intuition and let go of self-sabotage and step into self-belief. She had to become Allergic to Perfect.

In Allergic to Perfect, Natalie lays out the exact roadmap she followed to build a solid six-figure business, without losing herself – or her health – in the process.

Reviewed by NZ Booklovers “Allergic to Perfect is an invaluable guide for women in business or anyone thinking of going into business and written in a personable style that is a lovely breath of fresh air.” Read the full review here.


In her book, you’ll learn how to:

Let go of fear, doubt and overwhelm and supercharge your self-belief
Adopt rock solid mindset practices to set yourself up for success, every day
Be who you are and embrace your unique voice
Drop your perfectionism and take imperfect action, so you can stop procrastinating and get stuff done.
Finally get comfortable – or heck, even enjoy – selling, so you can consistently build your income to six figures and beyond

Threaded with success stories, sucker punches and spectacular failures, you’ll laugh, face your fears and discover proven strategies you can implement today to create sustainable success and become allergic to perfect.

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What are you waiting for? If you want it – buy it!

Nat Tolhopfs book Allergic To Perfect