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Why Having A Success Mindset Can Transform Your Business

A Success Mindset Can Transform Your Business - Natalie TolhopfWhen you set up your own business, you probably preoccupied yourself with setting up a website, spent far too long coming up with the perfect logo, and read a fair few books (and online courses) about how to succeed.

While these are all typical startup strategies, most people tend to overlook some of the more vital aspects of running a business: mindset and confidence. Without occupying the right headspace, you can’t begin to seek the success you are craving.

So, how do you nail that success mindset? Well, Gemma Knight discovered this very thing when she started coaching with me.


Why Having A Success Mindset Can Transform Your Business

Why A Success Mindset Is Vital

As kickass as you are at the other aspects of managing a business, without the right mindset and a healthy dose of confidence, you are going to struggle to reach the heights you strive for.

Without a confidence mindset, you are more likely to keep your fees low, be afraid to ask for what you’re worth, hesitate in finding your niche, and struggle to market your business.

While playing it safe may feel like a good business move, it’s really not! True success comes from stepping outside your comfort zone and leaping. But it’s hard to leap when you don’t believe you will land safely!

This is something my fabulous client Gemma Knight discovered in her business journey.

Gemma runs “Gemma Knight Writes,” a business specialising in creating high quality blog content, and repurposing that blog for your other marketing channels.

“I was working all hours of the day and night. It was a constant hustle; I was stuck at a glass ceiling position and couldn’t move beyond that level of earning. I wanted to be able to grow my business to the next level, but wasn’t sure how to do it and lacked confidence in my ability to promote my services.”


Investing In Yourself

The best way to build confidence is by doing the shit you’re afraid to do! But that’s easier said than done, especially if you are in business alone without someone to cheer you on.

Sometimes, all it takes is having the right person in the corner. The Mr Miyagi to your Daniel-san, if you will – to truly kick some business ass.

“I had been following Nat on Facebook for a while, and two good friends of mine had seen amazing results after working with her. I felt I would be a fool not to try her expertise in my own business.”


Treat Yourself To A Confidence Explosion

Discovering confidence and building the right success mindset is like adding turbo boost to your car. You probably didn’t realise just how slowly you were plodding along until you hit the turbo button and see all those roadblocks rapidly receding in your rearview mirror.

Once you can see your blind spots and challenges, they no longer influence your decisions. You are able to tap into your vision and trust your intuition, meaning you are more likely to go after opportunities, market yourself, overcome challenges, and move in the direction of your goals.

Working 1:1 with me, Gemma has transformed her business by transforming her mindset.

“With Nat’s help, I refined my offerings to the things I love to do and the things that can help my clients the most.

After attending Nat’s business retreat, I had a major mindset breakthrough. I was able to identify the things that were really holding me back – and they weren’t what I had expected. It brought a reinvigorated drive to – and a reignition of – my passion.

My confidence has exploded. I recognise my own expertise and now speak with authority about my business. I know the worth of my services, which extends far beyond a dollar figure.”


A Success Mindset Can Transform Other Parts Of Your Life Too!

The beauty of changing your thinking is that you will see everything differently; not just your business!

“Nat has not only impacted the way that I approach business; she has given me greater clarity and peace in my everyday life. I recognise when I have blocks and know how to move past them.

Gone are the sleepless nights where I used to worry about anything and everything. In their place is a strong mindset and belief in myself.

I no longer sweat the small stuff that is out of my control. Instead, I focus on what I can influence and change.”


How A Coach Can Help You Shift Your Mindset

There are a pile of ways you can shift your success mindset. But one of the most powerful is to work with a coach who’s been there, done that, written the book, and is dying to share their knowledge with you to help you succeed.

That’s me, babe! Nothing is more exciting to me than seeing a woman take the training wheels off, throw them in the trash, and see her own worth – just like Gemma did.

“Nat is a phenomenally inspirational woman. She really walks the walk, having experienced the highs and lows of business herself.

She is a trusted adviser who gives practical and actionable advice that really helps you reach your goals. I would never be without her on my team. I feel so privileged that I have her expertise and input on my business.”

If you would like to achieve the same level of confidence in your business, then I can help you do it. Jump on a free strategy call with me today to chat about how we can take your business (and success mindset) to the next level!

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