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The Power Of Momentum

Momentum is powerful. Once you build it, you want to maintain it.

The technical definition of momentum (as described by the Merriam-Webster dictionary) is: “strength or force gained by motion or by a series of events.”

That strength can generate impressive results!

The power of momentum in your biz - Natalie Tolhopf Business CoachThink of it like riding a bicycle along a flat street. While it takes a bit of effort to get going, once you are on the way, it’s a lot easier. In fact, you are propelled almost effortlessly by your own forward movement.

In business (and life in general), momentum is a powerful thing. It’s that sweet spot where you are progressing, growing, moving towards your goals, full of ideas and inspiration.

And when you are right in that sweet spot, it feels like it’s all just rolling along like magic. There is minimal effort on your part.

When you create momentum in your business, you are the master of your own destiny.

In order to create this magical momentum, you need to put in a bit of effort…


How To Build Momentum?

If you have ever set a New Year’s resolution or embarked on a diet or exercise plan, you know how easy it is to start something.

You dive in full of good intentions, bursting with energy, feeling good about yourself and determined to make it stick.

Those first few pumps of the bike pedals see you shoot off down the road with a smile on your face.

Easy, isn’t it!

But then reality sets in.

Motivation isn’t endless. Things get harder, you get tired, there are obstacles in your way, and that initial burst of energy isn’t there to keep you pedalling.

Damn it. Momentum isn’t about magic at all. It requires work!


Why Momentum Is Fucking Awesome

Don’t despair, chick. Before you let that bike roll to a stop and give up, remember that it takes less energy to keep it going than it does to try and start again from a dead stop.

In that way, momentum is rather magical.

You just need to find the tricks and techniques to keep nudging it forward.

There are two things I love about momentum:

  1. One is that it doesn’t require massive effort – only sustained commitment. It’s about taking tiny actions every day to keep you going.
  2. The second thing I love is that momentum is a powerful chain reaction that spurs progress in ways you hadn’t even imagined.

Doing that one little thing every day sends tiny shockwaves through your brain, your team, your business, and out into the world.

Before you know it, new ideas are triggered and fresh motivation is surging. Done right, momentum is a self-reinforcing thing of beauty.


How To Keep It Going

Momentum requires sustained action and commitment.

In my blogs, I talk a lot about mindset, conquering self-doubt, and getting out of your own way. All these things are part of the process too.

You must set aside the crap that is holding you back, and direct your focus and intensity onto the things that are important to you and your business.

But no matter how fierce, how independent, or how determined you are, there’s one more vital factor that comes into play…


Going it alone makes the journey that much more difficult. You need someone to hold you accountable to those daily actions, to help push you to keep pedalling when you feel like packing up and going home, to high five you when you achieve something awesome, and remind you of the awesome things you did when self-doubt creeps in.


That person could be me! And you can join my tribe of kick ass ladies who are building and maintaining momentum at the same time as you.

Want to know more about how we can build momentum in your business? Then jump on a free strategy call with me. Book a convenient time now.

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