Are you drunk on programmes? (A double shot of 'when I learn this' vintage) - Natalie Tolhopf - Business Coach


Are you drunk on programmes? (A double shot of ‘when I learn this’ vintage)

What is it about us female professionals and how we keep on thinking that the next programme or sign up will be THE magic bullet?

At what stage in our professional lives are we going to understand that the yin and yang, the masculine and feminine parts need to be balanced. You see, if you actioned what you already know, with the back up of consistency, recognising your BS stories and judgement and did the work….Well what would unfold would truly astound you.

I get that hearing the same content delivered differently, left side, right side monkeys tails can leave you with light bulb moments. Will increase your intellectual understanding and build on your ever expanding knowledge. BUT do you have a strategy in place for you to actually freaking do it. Like knuckle the dust up and do the WORK.

What I know to be true is that ACTION speeds up your learning. Plus it highlights the hell out of your vision, mission and clarity. The actions you take grow your confidence and give you extremely clear directions of where to go next. Action engages your response or reactive brain thoughts which in turn create feelings. The feelings of fear, guilt and procrastination are the next step. Go to them. Seek them out. Crack open your pistachio nuts to find the goodness inside. I mean you can make pistachio nut gelato for goodness sake!

I am not dismissing programmses, coaches or trainng ..Hell I offer my own and they are DAMN powerful if you take 100% responsibility and DO THE Work. This blog post was intended to highlight the new age phenonenom the “Bright Shiny Object Syndrome” You have it. I have it. Bugger.

We see the next best thing, the copy that literally speaks to us and can solve our problems. And we think wicked, I will buy that and do it. But what really happens is we get caught up in the beauty of it, buy it, stash it…add it to our long list of ‘programmes to study, implement and not bloody implement. Then we slap ourselves around a bit becuase we STILL havent done it, still don’t align to our vision, our mission… Geez some days I haven’t even finished the washing!

So stand up all of you who are complusive over buyers of online programmes! Stand up if you truly think that the programme you don’t buy and gets away and OMG you missed the launch special and early bird price…..Whoa…HOld up. This isn’t a healthy way to BE. The who are you being when you are doing has taken over our daily lives, where we should look at the what am I am I doing and how am I being. Actually you may need a programme to understand what I just said then (Jokes!)

Three steps to getting sober about the amount of programmes you are absorbing:

Step One: Becoming aware of your addiction to the magic bullet

  • Reflect on your knee jerk reactions and how being implusive can often be a sign of procrastination… sneaky lil Bast$rd.

Step Two: Looking at the real reason why you are looking for the greener grass

  • If you keep finding the need for speed through programmes and events…. Then take stock of why you are not implementing business building 101. If you consistently did what you already know and became aware of your real blocks.. then you would realise you just need to water your own grass!

Step Three: Creating a process to adhere to before you react and buy.

  • Pre- setting a budget for the quarters is a great way to start. Have a look at your objectives and objectively (LOVE this play on words!) see what tools you actually need to make it haapen. It maybe a case of swallowing that “I need to delegate to get my business to the next level” pill.

It does of course seem fitting to really take the mickey out of my own post… and let you know that I offer a FREE 30 minute consult if you are ready to invest your time and effort in a programme with me!

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