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Tough questions need tough answers

Tough questions need tough answers.

There is always a time that someone needs to aim it straight for you. To hold you in that space. This is part of my work that I haven’t always enjoyed because I have always wanted to be seen as the nice girl. The one everyone likes….But I see that now as a disservice to the gift I have.

The gift of keeping it real…Not blowing smoke up ya butt (where on earth did that saying even come from???) 

Business is TOUGH. Get strong.

So below I have real questions from real people, and the answers that I gave them:

“I am in a real quandary with my business, I was all set to take a massive step forward this year and then we had a new competitor come into the market place. I am not sure how to compete with this, or even whether I should?”

Just know that this will always happen, there will always be less than ideal conditions around if you are focused on them. Remember you find evidence for what you are looking for. It sounds like if this one thing didn’t happen you would have carried on with your plans. To be swayed so much by one thing…You are correct in thinking you need to get your head in the game of persistence.

“I feel as if I am really stuck and I don’t know where to go to for help to move past this.”

Tough questions in business
Tough questions in business

You have created it in your head as an issue. Let me give you an example of myself. Every day the market for me is flooded with new business coaches, the next person comes along and says the same things online…and it can feel really tough. But then the mindset kicks in and reminds me of my WHY. The reason you are doing this must be bigger than what is happening externally. Plus your style, your branding your way of doing ‘stuff’ is what people are attracted too. You must realise that this is a choice to stay here…Imagine how a local yoga teacher would feel every time she sees another teacher advertising etc. You must carry on regardless sticking to your Unique Selling Proposition, your guns and remind yourself everyday through warming up (journaling) of all the greatness about your business.

“I have limited funds and two options where I can see myself getting some guidance and I don’t want to overextend myself financially but I do need to work out whether to take a step back or keep forging forward.”

Nothing changes if nothing changes. Meaning for you to move forward you either decide to make an investment in getting help OR you find a friend who can kick your butt to help you start to shift out of the space you are in. Just know that this is normal and TOTALLY where you need to be…Sounds weird eh but this is a learning curve that you need to be on. To see that to stay in business…You need to be tough. Tough in the sense of sticking to your guns and only focusing on making money (not what your competitors are doing, or what isn’t working).

“I  am really wanting some help and I have never felt like this before. I have always been very pragmatic and focused and sure, and now I am not, which is not a very nice place to be.”

It is OK and really normal. Well done on acknowledging it and reaching out. You have already begun the journey of getting out of this…Just by declaring it, it can dull and quiet down that crazy chatter. The cool thing is that you have wonderful evidence that you CAN be focused, sure and on track…Just know you can come back to this space. It is crazy to think that we can be up all the time, not have confusion or just contrast to the clarity. This doesn’t mean you expect the bad to come when you are feeling great…It means that there is this balance. Like the laws of polarity. Nothing is one-sided; everything contains its opposite.

“I really can’t afford both either finance wise or head space wise”

You need to make a decision…Are you all in or all out. If you are all in…Then you will find a way to get your head straight. A dedicated 15 mins a day working ON  your business from a mindset point of view, a strategic point of view. As for financially there does come a time that a financial investment is needed for it to move ahead and grow.

So if you are ready to ask some questions of your own – and get real and honest answers and guidance… book a time for a FREE 30 minute chat with me here.

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