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22 practical ways to grow your business

Wanting to grow your business? Well you need to ask yourself this question….
How committed are you?

Sometimes we think we are committed…Then shit goes wrong…

“I am out!”
“I knew I couldn’t do this!”
“See it isn’t working!”

I get it. This is how I use to be until one day my mum (who knows me best) said…”How long are you going to stick at this one?”

Cue punch to stomach.

What the hell I thought…Then I reflected on what she said. Blinking tears away I asked her to expand.
She mentioned I gave up when it got tough, I lacked the belief and commitment.
She was right.
We talked about all the times it did work out, and how my attitude and determination got me there.

Being 100% means staying in this small business game, making mistakes, investing, throwing some spaghetti to see if it sticks, cleaning that up and going again.

Even on a daily level, where are you wanting to give up?
Here is an example of some of the actions I take to fill a workshop…If you are thinking this has taken a left turn, you are right! Because growth begins on a daily basis. You need to get strength in these areas before you can get bigger and more badass.

Have a look and decide where you would have stopped…Become aware and next time…Go further!

Here is my marketing and selling process for a workshop: I wanted to share this with you so you can see just how much more growth you can and have in front of you…Right now.

1. Create FB event page (Early bird special, limited spots)
2. Share on my personal page- Twice a week for launch
3. Share on my Biz FB page- Twice a week for launch
4. Share in 3 relevant groups every week- 3 weeks
5. Post about relevant problems my event will solve- post every day in FB page and Insta
6. Live video on my biz page about the event
7. Share that in all my groups, personal page
8. Ask 5 biz friends to share the event
9. Invite people to the event
10. Private message all interested parties about the early bird special
11. Ask to be on someone’s podcast, LIVE interview & showcased event
12. Send emails to database – at least 5
13. Message all people who liked the videos, about the event
14. Boost the event page
15. Create a FB ad to cold traffic, then warm.
16. Network in local groups in person to up sell
17. Message personally people who would really benefit (after inviting them)
18. Live video into the event page – every second day
19. Live video on my personal page
20. Short 30 sec videos snippets recorded and posted on social media
21. Write a blog, repurpose and share
22. Ask people from the past events to share, to come again, to bring a friend
And repeat.

So how committed are you? If you are 100% and ready to action then book a time to talk with me. It is time to step up, ramp it up and bring those goals closer.


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