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10 Ways To Banish Biz Burnout

About five years ago I woke up one day and half my face was paralysed. It was honestly the scariest moment of my life! My “What the hell Nat?!” moment. Yep, the shit had hit – I’d succumbed to business burnout. More than that, it was total burnout. I don’t ever want to go there again! And I care a whole lot that you don’t either. So I really want to share with you today how YOU can avoid the shit hitting with my 10 ways to banish business burnout!

Hey amazing you. You can probably tell I’m pretty damn passionate about sharing this episode?! Because burnout is sneaky. And it’s dangerous. And it’s SO important that you’re able to recognise what causes it – and how to avoid it!


10 Ways To Banish Business Burnout That You Can Start Today!

Does any of this sound a bit familiar?
Everyone else is doing Reels and TikToks and Podcasts. So you add them to your To-Do list that you never actually get around “to do”.
You started your biz for the freedom! But here you are again, burning the midnight oil and glaring at those positive bloody affirmations!
You know you should be showing up in your biz consistently. But you’ve had zero sleep and it’s another “What the hell am I going to write??!” day.
Ohhh I’ve totally been there.
Let’s get you sorted!


Okay, so in this episode are my top 10 tips that I used to overcome my own burnout. Some you can get started on today (like waking up and scrolling social media – just NO!), and others will need your planning and commitment. But each one is a really important life and business burnout-busting strategy!

Join me where I share:


    • How (as a recovering perfectionist!) I recently had to dive deep into the tools and training I give to my own clients and put them back into myself.


    • Why “warming up for business” is so powerful and is one of the secrets to my business sustainability.


    • How taking imperfect action will help stop you from spinning into analysis paralysis!


Timestamps – The 10 Tips

(04:50) Big, hairy goals!

(06:18) It’s either a Hell Yes! or a Hell No!

(07:49) Repelling and attracting.

(09:43) Time-saving repurposing.

(12:00) Warming up for business.

(13:53) Finding your sweet spot.

(15:15) Taking imperfect action!

(17:33) Health and family first.

(20:14) Repeating yourself.

(21:25) Simple planning.


As I recorded this episode, I was sitting in my socks in my lounge and praying that the dog didn’t bark. Because who says we have to be perfect right?! Well, I bloody did!! And not only did my business suffer, but so did my health and life in general.
It doesn’t have to be that way for you babe.
Come and take some burnout-banishing action with me today!

“I think that women in business can forget they are highly intuitive and when we actually just sit back, I do believe we know the answers”.
Nat Tolhopf


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