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Finding Business Opportunities You Didn’t Know Were There

Do you want to know one of my pet peeves?

It’s when I’ve spent hours working on a crossword or jigsaw puzzle, or scouring the pages of a “Where’s Wally” book looking for Wally, and someone casually wanders over and solves it for me.

That fresh set of eyes just effortlessly hijacked my sense of satisfaction on a rainy afternoon!

While it’s flat-out annoying in those cases, it does prove how valuable a fresh perspective can be – whether you are searching for a guy in a red striped shirt or trying to grow your business.

As savvy, intelligent, and successful as you may be, we all have blind spots. We are often so ensconced in our brand that we don’t see the business opportunities that an outside observer does.

That’s why the right business coach can be a game-changer.


Finding Business Opportunities You Didn’t Know Were There

The Missing Puzzle Piece

Sticking with the old puzzle analogy: you know the frustration of spending hours on a jigsaw and driving yourself crazy because you’ve been searching and searching for that ONE piece amongst the hundreds…

Then you finally get to the end and realise that one piece was missing? Pretty soul-destroying stuff.

That’s how it can feel trying to run a business without seeing the complete picture. Sometimes, you don’t even know you need something until it shows up.

This is how Sarah Smith once felt. Sarah is the owner of the stunning Waipuna Estate, a wedding, event and accommodation venue on the outskirts of Christchurch.

She had a niggling feeling that there was a missing puzzle piece, but wasn’t quite sure what it was – until she connected with me!

“I don’t think I was actively looking for a business coach! We had engaged a mentor in the past, but in hindsight, they were totally wrong for our business.

I found Nat on Facebook and knew that she was the woman I need to work with. I had a feeling that somehow I was going to end up working with her more.”

Sarah was trying to work through issues around money mindset, sales, and all-around confidence. She had hit a brick wall about how to offer their services and needed a fresh set of eyes to bust through that mental block.


You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Brains are wonderful things, but they are only full of the information we have learned, which can be kind of restrictive when trying to run a business!

There’s not enough time to research and brainstorm new ideas for every system and process, so we often stick to doing things the way we’ve always done them.

That’s why collaboration and connection are so essential to innovation and creativity. A new perspective might offer a more streamlined way of doing things.

“I’ve achieved loads since working with Nat! More systems, delegating things to others, more sales and profit, upselling services, achieving sales goals, and believing in myself more.”

Finding Business Opportunities You Didn't Know Were There - Natalie Tolhopf

Discover Your Potential With The Right Business Coach

Ever feel like you’re stuck in a rut with your business? This may happen because we’re scared to take risks or not sure what direction to head in. We end up staying in our lane and trudging along the well-worn paths we’re familiar with.

A great business coach will reveal not only potential new avenues for your business, but also your own potential for growth.

“Nat has massively impacted my business. She has this innate ability to see business opportunities and come up with ideas – things I never would’ve thought of. Not only have our profit and sales increased, but my confidence as a business owner has increased hugely.

We have moved the business into areas that I would never have considered before – and we are working smarter!

Nat has also been such a cheerleader for me and encouraged me to do things that were outside my comfort zone. She’s given me support and guidance and helped me work on my money mindset.”


Invest In Yourself To Grow Your Business

Do you dedicate time every week to reviewing your goals, planning your actions, and focusing on your mindset?

For most business owners, the answer would be a firm no. There’s just too much going on, and somehow, that valuable strategic planning time never happens.

That all changes when you invest in a business coach. You have someone to hold you accountable for that time investment in yourself and your business – someone to challenge you to be your best self, cheer you on, and push you out of your comfort zone. The planning sessions are now in your calendar instead of sinking to the bottom of your to-do list

“Nat makes you feel like you can go out and smash your goals. She makes you see the opportunities in front of you; she calls out your bullshit excuses but gives you the confidence to overcome them. She is hugely intuitive to your needs and feelings and has such amazing experience to offer.

I am so grateful to Nat; she has helped me so very much. Having her as my cheerleader is not just a luxury; it is essential to the health of my mindset and the business going forward. I can’t say enough positive things about her really!”


If you are ready to invest like Sarah and discover those business opportunities that you didn’t know were there, I am ready to help you do it!

Book a time to chat with me now to see if I might be the business coach for you.

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