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Is your business blooming?

Someone said to me once….Trust in the process. Trust that what you are doing will bring you what you desire.

Now this feels amazing to hear. And when you are first starting out in biz, knowing you don’t have to push has a real ring to it. A pleasing note to the ear.

BUT at some stage our intellectual brain needs some evidence.

What is trust?

How do you trust when you have your mortgage on the line, your husband expecting you to bring home money or if you are a sole income earner…Saying to someone ‘TRUST’ is downright fucking scary.

When I started out in biz, the best thing I did was plant a garden. Now I love the idea of gardens, but was definitely someone who would mistakenly pull the flowers and nurture the weeds. Similar to biz, I had run other peoples and failed twice at my own. So a new approach was needed.

I decided to grow a garden of self belief. Because I literally understood that if you planted a seed in the right environment, feed it, watered it and weeded it…Then it will grow.

How bloody simple. Nature at its best.

So business is simple too.

Create a viable business that is solving a problem for an ideal client (Soil, seeds, right plant for the amount of shade/sun).

My garden is looking incredible. It really has matched how much my business has bloomed. As my garden started to be able to take care of its self and not need me as much… I got a bit complacent. Barren areas, over grown areas, neglected areas…And a large tree that I thought was the main feature, was sucking all the winter sun away from the front.

I was looking out to the yard and getting annoyed at the lack of growth. Which is (DUH) of course because nothing can grow if nothing is there. Nor can something flourish if it has been neglected.
So along comes a long weekend and I know it is time to look at the garden…AKA my biz!

The plan was for some weeding, feeding (mulch and prettying up) and taking the areas that were empty and finally filling them with my ideas. Backing myself, investing in the growth… And damn it looks amazing.

Now I have a space in my garden that represents my trust and blooming biz. Plus an area of new growth that I had waited to plant and seeing it come together gives me excitable energy.

Ok…So the tree. This vulcan magnolia that had grown so big the leaves were a daily clean up….It had reached heights above the roof and it was sucking winter sun away from us….This represented for me a lot of the safe, comfortable and should business structures….Safe. Time to cut this beauty down.

Talk about new light and sun that streamed in straight away. I was right…I can do this on my own!!

My garden represents the trust in the process. The scientific literal evidence with its strong masculine power…Well that is what makes me thrive. Take a look at your garden aka your biz…And see if you have planted in the right environment, are you feeding it, perhaps some of the established plants are too big now and need a prune?

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