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Are you giving up too early?

Do you have a history of giving up too early? Telling everyone about your 1000 ideas, projects and plans…And none of them eventuate until this one. This is it you tell everyone seriously. But no one is listening. They’ve heard it all before.

My story in all of its glory.

My dad left us when I was 5. I remember the night. Hill Street Blues was playing on the TV, my mum was wearing her black bird and orange silk dressing gown (It really was lovely!). Dad took us to the shops and he let us buy our favourite lollies…Mine were orange tic tacs. That should have been my first red flag for something to be up…I mean it was a Monday night at 8 pm and I was 5! We were in his car and he told us he was leaving. This was my first experience of trying to run away from a situation. I wanted to get out of the car.

I don’t actually remember the day he left.

So from an early age I learnt to run away from problems…. It wasn’t until my husband-to-be said to me…You run away when you need to talk about the deep stuff, the responsibility you have in this life stuff…I of course screamed “NO I don’t” and flipped him the birdie only to find myself doing skids as I reversed out the driveway and proceeded to run away.

Marry that man right?! So I did. Best thing ever. He held my toes to the fire. To look into my real self. He holds me accountable and dang at times I just want to run away.

So my theme of running away also hadn’t gone unnoticed by my mum…Silly of me to think she didn’t know.

There I was in a state of bliss as I had just left my corporate job to step out on my own in a business called Catapult Your Career. This business was going to make me thousands in the first 6 weeks (I know! Can you feel and hear how deluded I was already?….How I was setting myself up for MEGA failure!). So at about week 4 after asking my mum to help with the kids so I could work on my business she asked me “So how long are you going to stick at this for?”

Whoa.Are you giving up too early

Cue the punch to the stomach. Her comment literally took my breath away. But instead of crying, stamping my feet and defending myself. I listened.

She had given me a gift. To truly look inside and to see if I was truly 100 % committed to do what it takes to not only start, but to maintain and grow a business. Starting with checking it’s viability first.

I procrastinated on that one a lot…The viability. I flogged my original business idea for another 8 months. Then finally let it go and stepped into my real business of Catapult Your Business. And here we are today.

Before I got here though. There was this period of time I call “The Belly of the Beast”. And god yes, it’s as awful as the title sounds. You really dig deep every day to keep showing up. Because you think that all the hard work is going unnoticed. But it is really just the fact that you can’t see the blossoms yet. It is so important to have someone around you who can tell you to keep going…It is going to happen. You can’t possibly be doing all of this work for nothing to be growing.

And finally, you realise that is all comes down to you. From your energy, your belief and your action. And when you create, launch and sell from this heart space …BOOM it is already done….Well, that is the evidence you get.

I truly believed for a long time that in order to be an inspirational leader and successful business owner, I had to have a “rags to riches”,”from the ashes I rise” type story. I couldn’t for the life of me find a story to help with my self-worth. I thought I didn’t have one. Of course I did. I just didn’t think it was big enough…I mean who am I to lead women, to coach and to stand out.


But we all have or have had reason for not unlocking our true & pure potential.

We deny it or it gets buried underneath a corporate mum cloak.

Some of us start to walk and talk the values and the missions of others.

If you have a knowing deep inside that you are here to make a difference. And your only obvious block is your stupid story. Then I am your proof that you just need to choose belief. Choose to flick the fuck it switch. And become a walking bumper sticker of cliches.

If not you then who? If you are ready to take the next steps then book a time to have a chat!

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