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Why You Need To Focus Your Energy In The Right Place

When you are running a business, it can feel like you’re being pulled in a hundred different directions at once.

There is the work that you love to do (probably the reason you started the business in the first place), and all the other tasks you didn’t realise came along with the territory of being a business owner!

Focus Your Energy In The Right Place – Natalie Tolhopf

It can be hard to know where to turn your attention first.

The great news is, there’s a way to manage it all.

The real magic happens when you find a way to stop, take a breath, and channel your energies to the right places.

Let’s look at how one of my clients was able to do this, boosting her business and revenue as a result!


Why You Need To Focus Your Energy In The Right Place

Meet Wick

Wick Nixon not only has one of the most badass names straight out of a superhero movie, but she’s also a total badass in business. This health and wellness queen runs Wicked Wellbeing, a business all about inspiring people to eat healthily and educating them on just how to do that.

I’ve been coaching Wick one on one for a couple of years now. She came to me after feeling stuck, as many business owners do.

“I didn’t have any direction, was struggling to make it work financially, and wasn’t sure where to focus my attention.”

After a bit of work on mindset and focus, Wick was making progress in leaps and bounds.

So, her best piece of advice to entrepreneurs who aren’t quite sure how to progress?

Focus your energies in the right place!


Sometimes You Can’t See The Forest For The Trees

If you try too hard to be good at everything, you are going to struggle to be great at anything.

When you’re neck-deep in tasks and not sure how to pull yourself out of the quicksand, a business coach can give you the boost you need. Sometimes, it just takes a second set of eyes to help you see things clearly.

“It’s been awesome to have Nat by my side, as my cheerleader, to motivate and inspire me, cheer me on, pick me up when I’m down, and show me different ways to do things that I hadn’t thought of.”


Clarity And Focus Help You Get Where You Need To Be

How much time have you wasted doing the things you feel you “should” be doing rather than those you really want to do?

We’ve all been there babe, but it’s never too late to reconnect with your true vision and mission.

It’s my job to dig deep and help you uncover the things that make you feel alive – which just happen to be the things you are fantastic at doing.

“By working with Nat, I was able to increase my income. She showed me that my business is viable, how to have the mindset that the ups and downs of business are normal, take on 1-1 coaching and group coaching which I really enjoy. It has impacted the lives of those involved in such a positive way.”


Cheering You On

Nobody is a bigger cheerleader for my clients than me. Seriously, I’ve got a few sets of pom-poms stashed in my cupboard just so I can stand on the sidelines and give you your own mini pep rally when you need it. And you should see the celebratory dance I do when you achieve your goals!

But sometimes, my lovely clients do the cheerleading for me, too. Here’s what Wick has to say about working with me…

“She’s down to earth, she gets you, she keeps it real and doesn’t give you any false hopes or shiny dreams. She’s always there for you, and she gives a damn. She’s awesome – I would totally recommend her!”


So, if you want to find your clarity and focus, why not book a free strategy call with me? We can explore what is holding you back and how you can break through those barriers to success.

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