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Boost Your Business Confidence By…

Ladies – I have got news for you… everyone is capable of being confident.

Boost Your Business Confidence - Natalie TolhopfLike, Beyonce-level confidence.

You better believe it!

You don’t have to be born with some kind of natural self-assurance, you don’t have to be an extrovert, and you don’t have to be a superstar.

Even better, you don’t have to be perfect, accomplished, and free of fears and doubts to be confident!

Being able to act confident and exude confidence makes a world of difference to your business. People will be drawn to you and believe in your products, your ideas, your vision… actually, they will believe in YOU!

If you feel like you need to boost your business confidence, then I’ve got you.

Let’s ditch the doubt, kick fear in the ass, and learn how to be the bold, badass, self-assured chick that you are dying to be.

Boost Your Business Confidence By…

➡ Practice

Everything you are good at, you’ve had to practice, right? Even the things you take for granted like walking and talking took months or years of trial, failure, adaptation and growth.

Confidence is no different. The more you practice, the easier it will be and the more naturally it will come to you.

Don’t just do it when you have no choice, like at a networking meeting or while giving a talk.

Use every opportunity during your day to be the confident version of you. Whether you are chatting to a stranger at the supermarket or discussing car repairs with your mechanic, rock it. Flex that confidence muscle!

Push Yourself

To practice, you are going to need to be a tough bitch on yourself.

Get right out of that comfort zone and put yourself in situations where confidence is needed.

If you prefer to email than talk on the phone, then tackle that fear head-on and pick up the phone. Hate face to face? Give yourself a confidence pep talk and meet up in person.

Embrace The Power Of “No”

Confidence means not being scared of people saying “no” to you. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Go in there planning for a “yes,” but unafraid of a “no.”

Every time someone tells you “no,” you are a step closer to getting the “yes” you deserve.

Learn from every no.

Confidence also means saying “no” when you need to – an important skill to learn in all aspects of your life!

When you take on too many jobs or do things you don’t want to because you are afraid to say no, you become angry and resentful at yourself and others. This erodes your confidence.

Quit The Bullshit Self-Hate

Don’t indulge the negative thoughts. They will drag you down and eat away at your confidence.

Fear and doubt birth procrastination and lack of confidence. Instead, think positive and believe in yourself.

Learn And Grow

Confidence comes from achieving, and successful people never stop growing and learning. Continually upskilling and developing your knowledge helps you feel confident.

Celebrate The Wins

Remember those early days of business where every email from a new client, every product sold, or every hit on your website was a cause for celebration! Don’t lose that feeling! Celebrate your small wins as passionately now as you did then.

Get A Cheerleading Squad

Get yourself a kickass support system. If you are having one of those days (or weeks… or months…) when you have a hard time believing in yourself, call on your friends, colleagues, or a mentor.

We’ve got your back. We’ll tell you how fucking awesome you are and remind you of all the amazing shit you are capable of.

My favourite thing about confidence is that you don’t have to FEEL it to ACT it.

This means there’s literally nothing stopping you from putting on your best power suit (or dress, jeans, whatever makes you feel fucking badass) and strutting out that door Saturday Night Fever style to achieve business success.

Need a cheerleader to pick you up when you are down and tell you how awesome you are? That’s me, babe! Book a time to chat with me to see how I can boost your confidence and get your business to the level it needs to be!

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