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Create A Confidence Mindset

Create Your Confidence Mindset - Natalie Tolhopf Business CoachYou might have noticed I’m a massive fan of mindset.

It’s one of my favourite things to talk about.

That’s because mindsets are not set at all. Sure, they are often formed from attitudes and beliefs that are pretty damn deep-rooted, but they are entirely moldable.

Whether we talk about money mindsets, positive mindsets, or growth mindsets, the point is that we have the power to change the way we think and act – and how bloody powerful is that!

Because confidence is such an essential skill to nurture as a business owner, today I want to talk about how to create a confidence mindset.

This is how you can do it…


Create A Confidence Mindset

Do Scary Shit

Nothing builds your belief in yourself like doing scary-ass shit. But you can’t just do it once. The real belief comes from doing it over and over again.

When you challenge yourself by moving out of your comfort zone, you find out just how truly kickass you are. Whether it’s approaching an important potential client, giving a talk, or bungy-jumping off a bridge, step by step, you are moving from a timid fear mindset to an empowering attitude of “I’ve got this!


Kick Perfect To The Kerb

Addiction to perfection is just fear of failure. I should know as I spent a large portion of my career and business life trying to be perfect.

When you hold back, wait, and fret because something’s not “perfect” (there’s no such thing, by the way), you are reinforcing the belief that you can’t handle any “unwanted” results.

Confidence is about forging ahead and aiming for success. But, it’s also about knowing that regardless of what happens, you will learn, grow, and become a better businesswoman for it.


Get Crystal Clear On Your Purpose

How can you be confident in what you are doing if you are not even sure why you’re doing it?

In my experience, once I found something I love doing and got precise about my why, the confidence flowed like freshly popped champagne.

If you are doing something you feel strongly about and fully believe in your reasons for doing it, confidence is a given. Remember, it can’t just be any old thing like making money or filling your time, your why needs to be the reason you are so passionate about what you do.


Fake It, Baby!

Confidence isn’t going to magically kick in overnight. It’s going to take consistent attention to your thoughts (and consistent action) to activate it. But you don’t have to take a backseat while you work on it.

Trade secret: not all people that appear confident actually feel confident!

Imposter syndrome is real, but you don’t have to listen to it. Ask yourself what a confident person would say, think or do – then go and do it! Eventually, your mindset will catch up with your actions.


Be An Action Woman

Don’t let fear turn you into a possum-in- the-headlights. Yes, fear can be paralysing. It’s tempting to listen to those negative voices telling you that you can’t do it and you should just quit while you are ahead.

As you are building your confidence mindset, these voices will still be jabbering away in the background. But the best way to shut them up for good is to keep moving regardless!

Do what you need to do. Start small and do little things towards your goals every day to build confidence incrementally. If you want to write a book, start with one paragraph.

By working on the little things, the big picture will start to come together. Before you know it, you will actually feel confident instead of just faking it!


A big part of building a confidence mindset is being surrounded by the right support network. My group of imperfect action takers could be the support and inspiration you need.

So, why not join us?

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