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Ditch The Self Doubt With Self Care

Do you ever feel like everything is just too damn hard? Like you just don’t have the energy even to know where to begin… well… anything?

Life’s been a bit like that for so many people lately.

But you know what? It doesn’t all have to be hard or scary or confronting. Tough love has its place, but so does self-compassion. Sometimes, all you need to face your fears and battle your self doubt is a good old-fashioned dose of self care.

Get the bath running, light a couple of candles, pour yourself a nice hot cuppa and wrap up in a cosy blanket, or get out in the fresh air to clear your mind.

We are going to look at exactly how practicing self care can ditch self doubt.

Start With The Basics

The most essential elements of taking care of yourself might seem very grown-up and rather unsexy. But without them, you are going to struggle to feel awesome, let alone be awesome.

Ditch The Self Doubt With Self Care - Natalie TolhopfI’m talking sleep, eating well, and exercise.

I know, I know. I can imagine you rolling your eyes, but hear me out.

When you feel good and have your shit sorted at home, it’s much easier to be confident and positive.

Nobody springs out of bed brimming with positivity and rearing to go after overeating junk food and drinking too much before getting a few hours of sleep.

Looking After You

Eating food that nourishes and sustains you not only gives you long-lasting energy, but it can also boost focus, concentration, and memory, helping you kick more ass on the daily.

Exercise is one of the best mood boosters in the world. It helps wipe away stress and anxiety. Plus, there’s something extremely confidence boosting about completing a workout even if you hated it.

And sleep. Oh, precious sleep. Do what you need to do to get your eight hours, ladies. Honestly, self-doubt feeds on tired minds and bodies, so don’t give it any extra fuel!

Learn To Love Saying “No”

Do you ever beat yourself up after agreeing to do something that you really didn’t want to do!? Makes you feel like shit, doesn’t it?

You put your needs second, made yourself feel like a doormat, and are beating yourself up on top of that. A prime recipe for self-doubt!

Learning to say no to things that don’t serve you is vital. Ditch the feelings of obligation and do what is right for you and your business by saying no. Save your energy for the things you want to do. It’s bloody empowering!

Take Time For Reflection

The first step to ditching self-doubt is noticing it. And that’s kind of a big ask if you are too busy even to breathe. Give yourself downtime to become self-aware. Not Netflix watching, Facebook scrolling downtime, but quality time every day to stop, breathe and have a wee review of what’s up.

Carve this time out, schedule it, and guard it with your damn life. This is your golden opportunity to reflect and sculpt your life to how you want it to be.

Journalling is a great way to recognise, review, and ditch negative mindsets. You could also chat with a friend or mentor, meditate for ten minutes, watch an inspiring TED talk, listen to a podcast that motivates you, or read a book that makes you feel positive.

Simply choose whatever helps you be in the moment and slow the brain down a wee bit.

Self doubt is a sneaky thing. It can creep up on you in moments that you might not expect it to. That is why it is helpful to surround yourself with the right vibe. Choosing the right people to align your business with will help you squash those feelings of self doubt when they creep in.

With support, accountability and the space to GSD, self doubt will be a thing of the past! Why not jump on a free strategy call with me today to see if it is the right fit for you?

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