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What the hell is alignment anyway?

I remember when I first heard about alignment. And for me, it is a bit like success. Stay with me while I create the picture.

Success can be created in your head artificially via social media highlight reels. So when it doesn’t show up how you think it should, based on others people’s values and ideals…When yours turns up well weirdly less exciting & creates a dampener…You start to second guess yourself.

Alignment is the same.

No one can tell you what yours looks like. Perhaps they can explain their own and it will help with your journey.

For me alignment is having the absence of judgement, ideas flow freely, I put myself out there and the abundance rolls in. More of my tribe (AKA ideal clients) turn up and I want to keep going…Every day. I am not second guessing myself, asking for feedback or looking for external gratification.

You know what I am talking about… That time you wrote a FB post and it got no likes…And you were actually gutted. Well THAT isn’t alignment. Writing the post and knowing that someone who needed to see it did – IS. And that is enough.

That is alignment because you are showing up regardless of the standing ovation or lack of. You felt it but it felt way too easy so you made it harder. It is OK.

We are here to set a new normal for you.

Alignment is also finding your ease. What does this mean?

My way of showing up, delivering content and using my voice is so powerful because I found the path of least resistance…So if you don’t love video…Try audio. It is SO important to not follow what everyone else is doing if it doesn’t feel comfortable. So basically only claim, be, and do actions that you FULLY believe in.

Here is the conundrum though…. Sometimes it is comfort zone fear talking and not being out of alignment. So listening to cues and feelings will really help you to define when you are in alignment. When you get that voice in your head that disagrees with the masses, that you really believe in and when said to the right people….

Damn girl it transforms or is the catalyst! Imagine only flowing from this space? We can do it. But like everything, it takes time and practice. Then it becomes your normal. It could mean that some days NO work gets done because you are learning to drive only from this space.

People often ask me how I create so much content, show up all the time and keep repeating it… It is ditching that judgement, feeling the fear anyway and doing a Nike on it. Really there isn’t anything to lose…Because you have already lost it because you aren’t trying… so you may as well get on with it!

So if you need some help with your alignment book a 30 minute strategy session with me.

I will give you clarity about where you need to take some action… And most probably a kick in the butt to take imperfect action: http://www.natalietolhopf.com/book-time-nat/


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