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Has Self Doubt Drunk all the milk?

Are you living with some house mates, that you did not invite to stay?

Raise your hand if:
a) Fear has moved into the spare bedroom! BUT
b) Your burning desires cause noise control to turn up?
c) You are unsure where to start & you feel at home with overwhelm PLUS
d) Self doubt drinks all the milk!

Seriously living like this isn’t the way to business success.

On the other side of fear is freedom & overwhelm is actually a great reminder to brain-dump everything that is in our heads. Then we can apply the automate, delegate and delete process. Overwhelm is just a great lesson that we have strayed from our initial vision.

Self doubt can’t grow when you are taking action.

Any action. But not just busy for busy sake. If you need a nap to refresh, then do that. That is still an action that will move you forward. But self doubt is a sneaky fecker…And can quickly recruit it’s cousin procrastination. To disguise itself.

Procrastination is clever. Awareness is required.

Procrastination will enlist all the old stories and beliefs in your head. When you are feeling vulnerable around your business, procrastination sneaks in the back door and sets up camp. It will want you to watch TV, second your choices, ask everyone else for their opinions and cause you to delay any action.
Together with self doubt you are now in a state of “Oh crap…I suck at this business stuff!” The only way out is with persistence and belief.

Here are two killer tips to move out of self doubt quickly:

1. Look around you for evidence that you are on the right path. Success always leaves clues and if you sit in that space of looking at what has worked…Then stop that self sabotaging S#*T and carry on!
2. Every night before you hit the hay, plan out the day ahead. If you focus on 3 intentions for that day and stick to those. The momentum of the actions will stop procrastination.

Sometimes the mindset muscle can hurt. You need to strengthen it for it to become powerful and agile. Take daily steps to get there.
You’ve got this girlfriend and you always have. It has just been easier to fall back on your default programming. To find out more about how to create new business habits jump on a call with me HERE.

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