Let Your Competitors Boost You, Not Beat You - Natalie Tolhopf - Business Coach


Let Your Competitors Boost You, Not Beat You

When you see other people in your niche doing amazing things and reaping the benefits of their hard work, do you feel inspired or defeated?

Your answer is the clue to what kind of mindset you are sitting in right now.

Let Your Competitors Boost You - Natalie Tolhopf Business CoachWe all have times where we feel stuck, uninspired, or jaded. But instead of letting your competitors add to those feelings, you can flip it and allow them to inspire, motivate, and push you forward.

There is plenty of space for businesses of all shapes and sizes in the marketplace. Even if they operate in the same industry as you. No one can do business the way that you do business, so it is time to start believing that. Take an energy boost from what your competitors are doing (or not doing).

Here’s how:

Let Your Competitors Boost You, Not Beat You

Nurture Your Abundance Mindset

When we become jealous and obsessively compare ourselves with others, we are operating from a mindset of scarcity. We believe that success is finite, and seeing someone else attract clients, money, and followers triggers the fear in us that there’s less left for us.

This is so far from the truth, girlfriend!

There is more than enough wealth and success to go around. There are people out there searching for exactly what it is that you offer. It’s just a matter of connecting with them. And once you do, there will be no stopping you!


Your Journey Is Unique

Never let someone else’s journey set your course. You started your business because of that persistent little voice inside that knew you had something unique to offer. Your ideas, goals and dreams are beautiful because they are genuinely yours.

The minute you glance over the fence and rearrange your business specifically to try and outdo someone else at their game, you have lost the path.

Your business will succeed not because you are doing the same thing better, cheaper, or faster than your competitor, but because it’s your own vision.


Be Inspired, Not Intimidated

When I see a successful businesswoman making her mark in the world with her own style and finesse, I literally do a fist pump and send her a virtual high five. We can use other people’s success to motivate and inspire us, ladies! Business doesn’t have to be a cut-throat competition.

Here’s a novel idea: why don’t we imagine that our “competition” are our colleagues? Instead of trying to outdo them and outshine them, how about we join forces with them?

Small business is a pretty small world, especially in a country like New Zealand. We generally all know each other, so why not learn to collaborate, cooperate, and celebrate one another’s successes?

We all have something to learn from one another, and it’s far better to build a network of supportive friends than an over-competitive nasty network of haters!


Be Different, Not Better

At some point in life, someone’s going to be better at you than something. For many people, this is a bitter pill to swallow. But not for us, right ladies?

For us, it’s a reminder not to try harder, work longer hours, or be more aggressive…

It’s a reminder to be ourselves! Truly, being you is your biggest selling point. Nobody can ever be a better you than you, so there really is no competition.

Focus on letting your personality shine, believing in yourself, and just being a better you than you were yesterday. Your ideal customer will love you for it, your competitors will respect you for it, and life will be a whole lot rosier.

Business success starts with the right mindset. If you are struggling to establish your abundance mindset, then let me help you unearth it. Jump on a free strategy call with me where we can discover your blocks and devise a way to push through them. Book a convenient time to chat now.

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