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The Power Of Working With A Business Coach

Setting up and growing your own business is bloody awesome. Except when it isn’t.

There are days when everything just flows and you feel like an invincible badass. But then there are days or weeks where you just can’t get out of your own damn way and trying to progress is like trying to get juice out of a boulder.

The Power Of Working With A Business Coach - Natalie TolhopfEvery entrepreneur struggles, but the savvy ones – the ones who plough ahead to find success – are those who find ways to have more good days than bad. One of the most powerful ways to do that is by working with a business coach. This is something Christine Livingston has discovered after working with me for the last two years.


Coaching With A Coach

Christine’s calling is as a life coach – Chrissie Liv Life Coach, in fact. She helps intelligent women who feel like they have lost their mojo regain control of their days, weeks, and ultimately, their lives.

In Chrissie’s case, she knew she wanted to do something, but was having a hard time articulating exactly what that something was, or how it could work in “real life.”

Chrissie found me on Facebook. We connected – and the rest is history!

“Where to start! Nat has given me direction with step by step actions to take to build my business. She has had me work on my mindset so that I can take the action. I have achieved a calmness in my head. This allows me to take action and explore ideas without the emotional roller coaster.”


The Power Of Working With A Business Coach

There are many reasons to work with a Business Coach, but Chrissie’s main drivers were:


Sometimes, it’s not that we don’t have any ideas about what we want to do, it’s that we have too many! We intelligent, multi-tasking women have so many thoughts, goals, feelings, and lightbulb moments buzzing around in our skulls that it can be hard to cut through the noise and find clarity.

A business coach has the benefit of being outside of that headspace of yours. They can help comb through the maze of ideas and nail down exactly what it is you want to do, and help come up with a viable plan of action.



Often, the biggest obstacle standing between you and success is your self. Procrastination, fear, self-doubt, perfectionism – all these things get in the way.

Business coaches don’t do the hard work for you. They go one step further by giving you the tools to turn your mindset around. Once you understand your thought processes and can step outside your comfort zone into a growth mindset, you stop doing battle with your own insecurities.



Once you have got your direction sussed and your mindset wide open, a coach helps you take action – consistent, decisive action. It’s my job to keep you accountable, cheer you on, and tell it like it is so you can get the results you deserve.

Take Chrissie’s word for it, “Nat is straight up, she doesn’t faff around. She’s awesome, grounded and gracious.”


Building A Strong Team

There’s a reason professional athletes all have coaches. They know that if they are serious about success, they can’t do it alone.

So, why would it be any different in business?

Why wouldn’t you make use of someone who has been where you want to be and can inspire, motivate, and even push you outside of your comfort zone in pursuit of your goals? And never underestimate the power of having someone in your corner cheering you on.

I would love to be the cheerleader and coach you need – helping you bust through your blocks and cheering you on all the way. If you would love to get the same direction that Chrissie achieved under my coaching programme, then connect with me today. Book a time now for a free strategy chat to see if we would make a good team. 

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