Building Resilience: How To Never Take No For An Answer - Natalie Tolhopf - Business Coach


Building Resilience: How To Never Take No For An Answer

Building Resilience How To Never Take No For An Answer - Natalie TolhopfBy the time we are adults, we’re pretty good at hearing – and respecting – the word “No.”

It’s something well-behaved children are taught to grasp at a young age. No means no, and there’s no arguing that… is there?

While “No” should definitely have us putting the brakes on in some circumstances, in business, I tackle things a little differently. Nowadays, I never let “No” stop me in my tracks and be the final word, and you shouldn’t either! Sounds a bit odd doesn’t it? Well, I haven’t gone round the bend. Allow me to explain what I mean…


Building Resilience: How To Never Take No For An Answer

Resilience Is Everything

If you are setting out to start your own business, you’re going to need to be prepared to hear (and ignore) a crapload of “No’s.”

These “No’s” may come from potential investors, clients, partners, or even friends or family members who don’t support your dreams. If you believe in yourself and your yes, you will find a way to shield yourself from the blow of the “No’s” and plough ahead regardless.

The minute you let those “No’s” seep into your mindset, you’re done for. Building resilience and refusing to accept the word “No” is vital.


Don’t Be Pushy, Be Persistent

Let’s back it up for a sec. I’m not suggesting we should all become relentlessly aggressive in our sales pitches and harass customers, investors, or anyone else with the same pitch over and over until they call security or block your number. That’s not going to do any favours for your reputation!

What I am suggesting is finding a way to turn that “No” into a “Yes” – either soon or one day in the future.

It’s about shifting your mindset from one of rejection and defeat to one of adaptability, resilience, and persistence.

Instead of letting that “No” become a roadblock, let it become a detour. Go back to the drawing board and see if there’s a way to turn that “No” into a “Yes.”

Maybe you can adjust your product or pitch with the existing customer to get a positive outcome, or perhaps you can use that “No,” to improve your chances of getting a “Yes” with the next.

Remember, every “No” helps you get closer to the “Yes’s” that you are working so hard for!

Adopting this attitude of resilience helps you focus your mindset on solutions and detours rather than obstacles.


Never Let “No” Be The Last Word

If you lack confidence and are afraid of sales, you may want to retreat out of the room rapidly when you hear a “No.”

Do not give in to this temptation, chick! “No” should never be the final word. Before you confidently walk out of that room (or sign off from that Zoom call with a smile on your face), take time to get the extra info you need.

Asking for a little insight into why they feel your product or service isn’t for them shows that you care about their opinion and your product. Plus, it helps you refine your pitch for the next time.


Beware The Hidden “No’s!”

In my experience, the most damaging “No” you will ever hear is the one that comes from yourself. Those “No’s” will put an end to your plans quicker than any external “No.”

Remember to keep an eye on your internal chatter. If you hear that little voice saying you can’t do something, refuse to let the conversation end there. That voice is usually full of shit (aka fear) – so use your inner resilience to turn those internal “No’s” into “Yes’s” too!

Sometimes, challenging the “No’s” can start to wear you down. It can be hard to be in business when you are trying to do it all by yourself. The key is, to not go it alone!

Instead, lean on the support of someone who won’t let you fall back into bad habits. That someone is me. There are lots of ways to gain my support and expertise in your business, so check out how I can help you by clicking here.

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