Ever been called over the top? - Natalie Tolhopf - Business Coach


Ever been called over the top?

Yes you have been called over the top! That is why you kept reading! 

When you first start out in biz you have a tendency to overwhelm prospective and current clients. 

Are you going over the top and overwhelming your clientsThink OTT! 

You are in overwhelm yourself and struggling with your value.

Adding too many extras, a bonus to a bonus and training on concepts too large for a webinar or a one-off sitting… This can be a DISASTER.

Instead we cause paralysis which is the opposite of what you are wanting for our clients.

Two things can happen from here:
1. Your prospective clients feel empowered and excited after talking with you but then overnight….well

hashtag overwhelm.

2. And your emails go quiet because they are literally hiding in self doubt.

Time to K.I.S.S.

I know it is cliche but Keep It Simple Stupid…(Hey don’t blame me it’s the quote!)

A simple delivery of the solution in bite sized chunks. Most people who come to us for help don’t know what we know, but our over thinking makes us think we are inadequate and there is an incessant need to impress.

Delivering the answers over the right period of time for execution and understanding is the way to go.

Often giving someone a quick win, will help them realise that that was the surface level problem, but they feel empowered to go to the next level or take the next step with you.

If you need to get your overwhelm under control and add more simplicity to your biz, book a session to talk with me.

PS. Remember the only reason I know you feel this way is because I use to feel this way too. And man I was I great at going over the top and overwhelming my clients. So don’t make the same mistakes as me.

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