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Cure yourself of Mondayitis

Sometimes on a Monday my brain is mush from the weekend.
I call it Mondayitis.

It’s when my brain has been so busy with family and kid wrangling that it has trouble switching focus and getting back into work mode.

Do you get Mondayitis too?

Suffering from MondayitisSo I often have to be kind to myself on a Monday morning.

It looks like this….

Self talk:
“Remember Nat, Rome wasn’t built on a Monday morning!”
“Keep business simple, and don’t add more moving parts right now”
“What can I do right now for a quick win?”


The last thing you want to do is overwhelm yourself more!

So with this…I would love to remind you of the simplicity in which a cafe owner works,  even on a
Monday morning.

Would you like a large?
Would you like a muffin with your coffee?

Where can you increase your customers’ average spend this week…That’s it…. Super simple.

Make that your weekly intention and anything else is a bonus!
Here is to taking imperfect action!

Because the cafe analogy is so simple to understand, grab another cuppa and let me get specific.

A cafe …They sell everyday.

They have a menu, you turn up, ask to see it and decide if you want to place an order.

Now most menus have a ladder of prices, meal sizes etc. Imagine for a moment you walk into a cafe and they don’t take your order, or they say “Sorry today we are only offering you the space to sit.”

You are would be very confused. So if you step back and just show your menu that has options to help people step up as they gain trust. And take the order, you can see that putting your website on a FB post, or reminding someone on your email that the special deal is about to expire. This is being of service.

Ultimately understanding that your social media is your cafe- People are visiting and browsing give them some amazing customer service and a reason to come back.

For some crazy reason women in particular add a lot of emotion in attaching themselves to a sale. We love the emotion on a marketing level because that warmth and actually giving a fuck…Is what people ultimately buy from. But then it gets all weird at the selling stage.

The only way to get better at selling is to sell more.

Make more offers.

Each time you sell you will work through your mindset beliefs. Think batman and Robin..Bam, Kapow, POP!

Usually the issue with selling is you weren’t listening to the person in front of you because you were too busy up in your head, worrying about what you are going to say. And you miss the key fundamentals.

What they WANT…And you end up offering what they NEED.

But they need their pain stopped now- Their want.

So if we focus to far into their future, get them thinking they have to make uncomfortable changes, they will say No.

Give them what they want and then take them to what they need. After you have been of service.

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