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Staying committed is a tricky bugger

We all know what to do when we want to lose weight or get fit. We have the foundational knowledge to get started. 
Move more & eat more healthy food.

Getting started can be easy. Staying committed is the tricky bugger.

When winter comes and it is cold and dark.

When you first start back at the gym. You feel so self conscious, like everyone is looking at you and knows. HA!  

Perhaps before we hit the gym we buy the right gear so it looks like we have it all together. 

And we take advantage of the free programme with a trainer to get started. You do the first workout with them. You feel a bit freaking fantastic…It all comes back to you. You knew you had it in you.

You show up for a week. Religiously following the programme.

Then you get BORED.Staying committed is tricky | Natalie Tolhopf

You stop going to the gym.

You justify it.

You start to blame external reasons.

Can you relate?

This is a great analogy to use in business. It is tough going it alone. When you have a relevant expert helping you with technique and changing your programmes as you grow you get the results.

Just like a business coach. When it gets tough they are there to tell you to get back up!

Here is what one of my clients has said: 

“I’ve been working with Nat for less than a year and I’ve seen massive shifts in my business and myself. Nat has a way of keeping me focused (which can be tricky for a creative) she is the first person ever who got me to write my business plan and stick to it. I’m looking forward to working with Nat again as she will kick my butt to success”
– Angela Murray from Living Life In Colour

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