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Earning your sales chops

Sales requires many “No thank you’s” and you Girlfriend, need to detach from it personally.

Back in 2005 my husband and I sold all our stuff and moved to the Gold Coast. 
In search of the greener paddocks. Obviously in hindsight we know now that the paddocks don’t exist.

I wanted to move out of hospitality and was willing to try my hand at marketing. Several attempts at interviews unfortunately didn’t work out. So desperation lead me to applying for anything… except hospitality.

Earning Sales with Natalie TolhopfSo I spent 6 weeks training to sell mortgages.
I was 27. 
Never had a mortgage in my life nor had I ever had a credit card.
But here I was a Kiwi in Australia, selling mortgages to people I had never met.

How confident did you think I felt?

To be honest, I felt amazingly confident about the product I was selling. It was an epic concept if put into the hands of the right people.

What I wasn’t confident about what “closing the sale”

It felt awfully uncomfortable….I could even hear my voice change when I got to the end of the presentation.

It was like an adrenaline roller coaster.

This career change, while it was very left field, built the resilience I needed in my own startup. In particular being able to sell and be detached.

Being detached from a sale is so important. Because when someone says “No thanks”, they aren’t saying you are a loser, I don’t value you, you and your service sucks…They are saying ‘No’ to the opportunity.

But you as the sales person haven’t quite shown how the solution you have directly solves their problem…Perhaps you have been generic in your examples instead of listening to them and directly using their problems in your message.

An example of this might be:

We overspend and worry that having a revolving credit will get us into trouble.

I understand that can be very stressful. The system I am showing you is designed to support you with monthly budget meetings and a set credit card limit of $500 so there is NO actual way of over spending.

I learnt from this career and it has stuck…That people often say ‘No’ because they don’t trust themselves to part of the results. And as most of us know, we need people to action.
Selling begins with what you believe and how attached you are personally .

When we step away from the personal attachment we can keep swinging. And have the ability to really listen to them. This energetically is powerful. They feel seen and heard. This builds trust.

Let’s work on that.

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