The Throwing Spaghetti Technique - are you doing it? - Natalie Tolhopf - Business Coach


The Throwing Spaghetti Technique – are you doing it?

That stack of ideas you have…You know the ones.
They loop in your head.
Non stop.
Rattling around getting you all cloudy.
You hit Monday morning and you feel tired, unsure of where to start… Again!

Perhaps you have started and launched a few of the ideas,
but they fizzed.Or they didn’t perform as you thought.

Those social media highlight reels really don’t highlight this!

A pattern emerges:

  • The Throwing Spaghetti Technique - Natalie TolhopfIdea
  • Reactive thinking
  • Action
  • Flop
  • Beat yourself up
  • Weeks of inaction
  • Back to the ‘shoulds’
  • Told ya so – You can’t do this.
  • Repeat

Can you relate?
I know I can! 

This was me for so long in my business. Throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing where it sticks…
OR worse yet throwing it, cleaning it up and feeling shame. 

But what if you knew that this was actually part of the process, totally normal and with a small tweak…
You would be on your way to feeling more confident and making more sales in your business?

If you need a tweak, let’s jump on a strategy session and see how you can start to feel like you can do this biz thing. Because you CAN! It is about taking more of the right actions and knowing which walls to throw the spaghetti!

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