Sick of not knowing what you are doing? Time for a mid-year business review - Natalie Tolhopf - Business Coach


Sick of not knowing what you are doing? Time for a mid-year business review

Sick of not knowing what you are doing? Time for a mid-year business review.

Crikey it’s the middle of the year!

It isn’t too late to hit your business goals. What you focus on grows, so re-establish what you want by Christmas (sorry I said the C word!) and get clarity on what actions to take to get there. But also stepping back and reflecting is super powerful.Mid-year business review - Natalie Tolhopf

A great place to start is checking in on your metrics ( I saw that eye roll!) Just check these three areas:

  • Database growth
  • Consults/enquiries
  • Audience size aka social media metrics

Then review how your progress has been towards the plan you do have. Have you been taking the action? Getting results? Have you lost sight of where you are going? What blocks are coming up?

Remember what you focus on grows, so if you track where you are at by the time we hit end of December you may surprise yourself!

I believe the importance of having a business plan (shock horror to some of you!)
One that allows for expansion, creativity and believability.
A plan you create yourself.
Not some strategist who has forgotten what it like in the engine room. (Hard work & ever changing!)
You are the strategist.
You know what kind of business you want.

Having a plan keeps your toes to the fire. Stops you from pulling your offers off the table to
quickly. And gives you metrics over time to see areas of strength and weakness.

Let me explain…

1. Planning is meant to be simple. When you stick to looking at planning with a birds eye
view you will stay out of the how, what if’s and the detail.
2. Plan from your soul not your ego. Or from your friends fear of failure. Plan with what
you want to achieve.
3. Stick to only 5-6 key objectives for the year. (12 Newsletters, 52 blogs, Grow
database by 1,000, Launch a new programme, Create $50,000k)
4. Take these and break them into quarterly goals. The good old 90 day plan.
5. From here you can start to plan you months in advance (1 newsletter, 4 blogs,
create new programme etc)
6. Each week you can choose a time and tasks to work on the strategic objectives.

A plan is meant to evoke feelings of “I can do this”! And not be kept in the bottom draw. If this is a
reality for you, have a go at creating your own new mid-year business plan.

Once you know what you are doing each month you will discover you have repeatable weekly tasks. This is powerful babe! Because running a business requires one thing…Constant Strategic Action. And knowing what to do is how you do this, repeating it, tweaking it and measuring it.

Remember planning isn’t for geeks, it is for successful business women!

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