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Busting overwhelm before it busts your biz

Most women in business I work with are overwhelmed by their lack of results. 
This used to be me.

Tweeting this (or do I even need too??) Facebooking that, emailing this and networking my jaw off. There is just so much information and a shitload of ‘shoulds’….

But nothing was converting.

Busting overwhelm before it busts your businessA lot of energy out and a tonne of zeros coming in.
An overwhelming ‘to do’ list full of programmes, webinars and podcasts I STILL hadn’t listened to or implemented.

To top it all off I was seeing was ‘everyone’ else nailing it. Showing up and people buying their stuff.

It is normal to be in this space.
I repeat….
It is part of the journey BUT it is time now to do something about it.
Awareness is powerful, but action brings the clarity, momentum and the reminder of the ‘WHY’ you left your job.

Your enemy right now is scrolling social media and comparing your journey. It is feeding your procrastination and making your perfection muscle… strong.

What if you knew there was a better way to get results?
From another fellow kiwi woman in business… from the engine room.

Sales, connections, successes, consistent results.

What would you need to change?
What are you willing to commit to?

Because how you are currently being won’t get you to where you need to go. Can you understand this concept? Stepping into who you need to be when you are successful… Right now.

Not waiting until you have that success. But stepping into your success self today:
How does she solve problems?
How would she tackle this?
How would she market?
How would she handle the ‘no’ you just got?

I am your proof that you can have daily focus, weekly results, iced with confidence and conviction. Which stops overwhelm in its tracks.

There is no better time.

You got this babe!

Are you part of my FB community? I have a group where we focus on taking imperfect action, I would love to invite you to join. Here is the link.

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