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Snapshot of a month in business

What business actions have you taken this month
and what have you got planned for next month?

I am not known for Imperfect Action because I sit back and wait. I take action.

This is a snapshot of what it is like in a month in my biz.
Purely for you to see when you take the right actions, consistently and offer the right
service/product to the right audience…
You make money.

Monthly Business Actions - Natalie TolhopfThese are some of the monthly business actions (outside of my client work) that I use to grow my business:

📷 I was the guest expert (Sales Queen) in a private business group for a month- this included 4 lives, 4 posts, delivering content, two Q&A sessions and creating them an offer (Let me know if you want it too!)

📷 Sent 10 emails to my database (did your eyes just bulge out at that!)

📷 Wrote and posted four blogs (Just repurposing and filling out posts that got great organic reach).

📷 Tweaked FB ads to generate warm audiences

📷 Conducted 8 lives on my biz FB page (engagement is not dead – it might be quiet because you are being vanilla, not sharing what you really want and being inconsistent)

📷 Attended one fun networking event with like minded babes in biz.

📷 Hosted & facilitated a workshops – In Tauranga. (I use to sell zero people into my workshops. It is ok…You gotta start somewhere babe. Don’t worry if you missed out, I am hosting another one end of in September.)

📷 Invited to be a guest speaker at a local business event- Epic to do this local and was able to repurpose a lot of my work for this presentation.

📷 Was a guest on TWO podcasts. (Just reach out and be ask to be on it!)

📷 Hosted a webinar with 60 registered, 30 showed up. And all my slides failed BUT we used stick figures instead. We had a blast. #imperfectmuch?

📷 Had daily conversations in ONE Facebook group – Did you note that I had ONE in capitals. Yeah. Pick one. Go be awesome in it. Support. Show up.

📷 Conducted 10 x one-off Express Sessions (Sorry ladies these have finished now! That will teach you for thinking about it.)

📷 Held 13 strategy sessions on the phone.

📷 Showed up daily and shared my message, did sales activities, journaled, exercised, slept and am about to do it again.

Pretty sure I have missed some.

Look at your current activity level and look at your results.
What do you see? Where do you want to get too? Or what do you want to change…

If you want to know what monthly business actions to take and you are ready to be taken
by the hand and walked through my exact process… I can help!

What is the rest of your year looking like?

My coaching style is different. Because I teach highly practical actions that work but mostly because it isn’t in a FB group live, it is via zoom. So we get to interact, ask questions and be seen. This is truly what works…Being accountable to do the work required.

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