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Increase Your Sales With This ONE Action!

Having a sales offer rejected can make us feel pretty crap. It knocks our confidence and makes us question our self-worth (Do I actually suck? Why don’t these people like me?). Damn, we take rejection so personally. And it can seriously affect our sales confidence! So can we ever deal with the knock-backs and sell with confidence again?? Well yes babe, yes we can. And I’ll tell you how you can even INCREASE your sales with this ONE action!!

Hey amazing you. I’m so excited to be kicking off this episode with the very first of my Snack-Sized Sales Slaps With Nat!! And this little sales slap is gonna come at you sideways!! Because the ONE action I want you to take in your biz today is to go and get a “No”. A No Thank You. And no, I haven’t lost my mind! I want you to go and put offers out there, follow people up, and your main aim for today is to get yourself a No. Why? Well, we all want to get yeses! But sometimes you’re going to get the noes. So today is all about you feeling all the feels of getting a No – and how to NOT take it personally!!


How do you feel when you get a No?

  • What’s your physical reaction to a No? Does your heart rate go up? Feel like you’re going to be sick? Do you break into a sweat?
  • Where does a No show up for you mentally? Where is it stopping you?
  • Who do you become when you get a No??

Okay so you’ve got your No and you’re not feeling great.
Now what?!


How To Increase Your Sales With This ONE Action! 

So in this little sales slap I want to show you that by taking a No personally and attaching it to your self-worth, you actually end up slowing down your whole sales process. BUT by detaching yourself from your business results and remembering YOU ARE THE EXPERT, the faster you’ll be able to get back up there and ride that sales pony! 

Here are a couple of examples why you might get a No. And why you need to detach yourself from it and not take it personally, so that you can confidently get back out there and increase those sales!

  • Think about the last time you said no to something… Was the timing wrong? Were you unsure if you wanted to take the next steps? Were you worried how you’d perform because of your money mindset blocks or sales blocks?… Because guess what?? The person you’re selling to has money mindset blocks too! And purchasing blocks. And sales blocks!

    So sometimes it’s actually not about you. Sometimes it’s about the other person. You just have to detach yourself from it meaning something else!

  • Some people are just slow with their buying time – and Kiwis especially can take their time before they buy! Seriously, I’ve had clients sit on my database for a couple of years before they decided the time was right. And this is so true for transformative services like life coaching or business coaching – people think they have to have their shit together before someone who has their shit together comes along to help them get their shit together!!

    So, it’s really important if you get a No that you detach from it and just really understand the buyer’s time within your business.

A wonderful lady called Mary Morrissey once said that your results do not dictate you as a person. That you are still by great intentions well-meaning and wanting to do the best.

YOU ARE NOT YOUR RESULTS BABE! You DO know what you’re doing.

Let’s get you the hell back up on that pony!
Nat xx


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