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How to set goals like a boss (not a dickhead)

How to set goals like a boss (not a dickhead)

Ahhh, goal setting. We’ve all had those big, hairy, lofty ones! Where we’ve aimed high, but it was just too high. Too high and too far from where we were sitting. So we stopped believing we could do it. And we gave up. And we went on to the next big, hairy, lofty one! So how do we make those goals attainable? How do we set goals like a boss?!

Hey amazing you. I’d love to share with you today why setting goals in business is so important, and some of my tips on HOW to actually reach them. Because something you may not know about me is that I was once a head chef! So planning and goal setting was something I became pretty damn good at. Chefing required A LOT of discipline. And you had to be prepared, or as we said in French “mise en place”! And if things didn’t quite go to plan…, well you had to learn to forgive yourself, to back yourself, and to concentrate on where you were working from in that present moment. Because all hell can break loose if we let our emotions take over, right? And not just in the kitchen!!

“Unease, anxiety, tension, stress and worry – all forms of fear – are caused by too much future and not enough presence”.

Eckhart Tolle

So it’s really essential when you go to set a goal that you do it from a place of being present.

  • Not feeling guilty and resentful for past mistakes, but learning from the past.
  • Not feeling stressed and anxious about the future, “Yeah, but I’m not there yet”.

But by being present from a place where you’re thinking “What can I be successful at right now?” “What am I really good at right now?”

Want to hit some goals out the park? Let’s do it!!

Avoid The Pitfalls And Set Goals Like A Boss!

In this episode I share my own journey of how I learnt to plan and set goals, some pitfalls to avoid, why goal setting is so important, and how YOU can go about setting those achievable goals.

(12:23) Skip here for a quick exercise on how to boss your goals!

  • Who does your goal allow you to become?
  • Why do you want to achieve this goal?
  • Are you carrot or stick driven?


(02:44) How I learnt to detach myself from my results and find my presence.

(07:24) Five pitfalls of goal setting.

(12:23) How to set achievable, “stretchy” goals that make you feel really good.

(15:52) The importance of writing goals down and making them visible.

When we set goals from a place of being present, where we’re feeling really comfortable and confident, we start to put trust in ourselves. And when we trust ourselves, we show up with confidence – because we know we’re the bloody expert!

Ready to join me? Come and back those goals like a boss babe!!

“ A really cool indication that your goals are really stretchy is you can visualise them. You can easily daydream. They create feelings, and those feelings are of joy and calm and a sense of freedom.”

Nat Tolhopf

“I think that women in business can forget they are highly intuitive and when we actually just sit back, I do believe we know the answers”.

Nat Tolhopf

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