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3 Things Getting In Your Way In Biz

3 Things Getting In Your Way In Biz
(and the ONE extraordinary thing to do instead!)

When we let things hold us back from showing up confidently in our biz, when our inner perfectionist is in the driver’s seat and we’re feeling all the imposter feels, we run the risk of becoming a “likeable expert”. People read our posts, love what we say, and comment nice stuff. BUT! They never seem to take the next step! Why?… Because we’ve let the “things” get in the way! So, what are these three things getting in your way in biz? And what’s the one extraordinary thing that you can do instead?!

Hey amazing you. We need to talk! Because I care that we share some of these obstacles or problems that we maybe don’t talk about enough as people in biz. And I really believe once you take control of these three things that are holding you back, you’ll just be un-bloody-stoppable!!

Can you relate to any of this?

  • You created an awesome post that nobody commented on. So you put off posting again and spend the next week wondering what the heck you did wrong?!
  • You’ve just bought another course to add to your collection of half-finished ones, but you STILL haven’t put anything into practice!
  • You’ve got all these great ideas for a new podcast! But your recording gear’s a bit shit, and… OMG, will anyone even listen??

Yes, we need to talk!

“Perfection can really show up and stop you in your tracks from just getting that beautiful, incredible rawness out that we really, really need to make you great. Because that’s what you’re striving for, right?”

Nat Tolhopf

3 Things Getting In Your Way In Biz!

I’d love for you to listen in on this episode, where I delve into three things that can prevent you from becoming greater than you already are in your biz – and share some tips on what you can do about it!

But I know you wanna know what they are, like NOW, so let’s just dive right in!

1. External validation. “Why did that person unsubscribe? What did I do wrong??”
When we’re only driving for external validation from others, all we’re really doing is feeding our inner perfectionist. The constant wondering, “Am I good enough?” “Why didn’t they like me?” It’s just a big waste of your time, and your energy.

2. Bright shiny objects (yes, I’m pointing at you girlfriend!).
You really don’t need another course or program telling you what you already know! All you’re doing is avoiding getting out there and being great and unstoppable! It’s another waste of your time and energy. And your hard-earned cash.

3. And (no surprises here)Perfection!

Just kick her out the driver’s seat already!! You can’t be amazing all of the time. And you’re never going to make everybody happy.

And The One Extraordinary Thing To Do Instead

… Expert The Shit Out Of Yourself!!

You’re ALREADY the expert! You know what you’re doing. This ain’t your first rodeo! Trust your first thoughts, get the hell out there, and back the shit out of yourself!!


(00:22) A weird cabin and getting biz things done.
(02:23) External validation.
(06:50) Bright shiny objects!
(10:02) Kicking perfection.
(11:59) How to expert the shit out of yourself!

We don’t need external validation. We don’t need another course or program telling us what we already know. And we sure as hell don’t need our inner perfectionist driving the damn car!!

So when we don’t let those three things get in the way, and we back ourselves and put trust in what we’re doing, we can then show up from a place of, “You know what? I got this!!”

Because you have, you’ve freakin’ got it!

And I’m with you all the way. Let’s do it!

“Can you really feel where there’s a difference between showing up and providing solutions and tips and tools for your audience, and then showing up with the energy of “I hope they think this is good enough”? There’s a real shift, or change, or intention in that energy, and I hope that you can feel that.”

Nat Tolhopf


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